June 24, 2008

Episode 22: Mantlo-Piece Part 2


XantesFire said...

Points off for Ms. Modak? But without her they would be no baby Modak in Nextwave:Agents of H.A.T.E.

The Modaks are machines, they can cyber sex or he can extends a cable into her fuse box.

I don't care that he's in a coma, I want to kill the bastard. He wrote Alpha Flight thru it's stupidiest period. Okay yeah, Purple Girl was fuckable, but damn him for all the rest of the trash. Puck a magically dwarf. Goblyn, Manikin, eeech. Kill the bastard.

As long as people like you keep saying stuff like "comics are suppose to be stupid", Quessada is just gonna think it's okay to write stupid stuff like Civil War, Spider-clone saga, One more day, etc.

Dude, that wasn't Mantlo, I know John Travolta when I hear him.

T Mafia said...

Tim spoke over me when I said this (even though talking over another host is usually my job), but the difference with Mantlo's Alpha Flight was that it was compellingly stupid!

Also, anyone's writing is gonna come off well if they're following the likes of John "Hacky McHackington" Byrne.