June 22, 2008

Episode 21: Mantlo-Piece (Joe Don Baker is Razorback)


XantesFire said...

Why was the other kid shot? You make fun of the kid who was skating in traffic, but what was the shot kid doing?

Thing with Ironman roller skating in traffic, I don't think getting hit by a car would do much to him.

Black Lightning was so cool back then. A black friend loved him cause it showed black heroes in comics and his last name was Jefferson. (He was embarassed by the tv show.) Black Lightning was atleast a better idea than the original idea of The Black Bomber.

Jack of Hearts is a great misused character. Sidekick? Jack's way too powerful to play second string to Ironman.

You can't blame the writer's for Venom, that was an editor's choice. Venom became too popular. 17 mini series?!!

thoom said...

>>Why was the other kid shot? You make fun of the kid who was skating in traffic, but what was the shot kid doing?>>

Walking home from work. He was a high school football star who was sifting through his choices of colleges. He would've graduated this year.

He was on his cell phone with his girl right before he was murdered. The last thing he said to his girlfriend as hoods approached was "looks like trouble. I'll talk to you later."
I believe his mother, a U.S. soldier, was allowed temporary leave from Iraq to attend her son's funeral.

Even if this kid was drug dealer who was shot by rivals,I'd still say he gets more props (zero props) than the skater (negative four). These Sk8r kids nowadays are no Tony Hawks, just a bunch of punks stopping traffic, and risking the necks of pedestrians by skidding out into streets and blocking sidewalks with their unimpressive skating.

They never perform a trick, always bungle it up and seem to forever be "practicing" in a business district at rush hour.

XantesFire said...

No, drug dealer would have been just as bad. He's in a dangerous business where getting shot at is a potential part of their daily life. Plus selling something illegal that probably has bad side effects on the buyer.

Skater was stupid, drugdealers are purposely malicious. Point is moot anyway.