July 21, 2008

Episode 29: Christmas in July

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XantesFire said...

Carmine Infantino was okay, even with his wired distant building as background for all the city scenes. But boy did he suck on the last 18 issues of the Flash.

Thor celebrating Christmas? Of course he is and laughing about it. After all his father Odin is Santa Claus. "Oh yeah ye, thus will thou christians learnth, who's your god?."

Wasp is a freak. She likes getting beaten up, only reason she made a show of divorce was cause Oprah said women shouldn't suffer beatings and she bought it. Why did she marry Yellowjacket in the first place? She wants that crazy, psycho sex, with the choking, and the hitting, and the assraping, and the goats, and the being tied up covered in powder sugar with ants crawling up her holes. Janet Van Wasp is a freak.

Look, if someone online tells you they are 12-14, whatever, it could be just roleplay on their part. So many women out their like calling me daddy and pretending they are little girls.

Wasp is a freak, she probably has accounts on all the x-rated social sites with naked pix. Even Lotlizards.com

Seriously, I figure any of those guys caught should just say, "I don't see a 12 yr old here. This is who I've been talking to? The 25 yr old police woman? Where's the bedroom, baby. I'll let you call me daddy."

16 and you use them? It's okay, 16 is legal in Australia.

Wasp is a freak, you know why she likes shrinking? Cause her pussy is so used up it's not tight any more. So she shrinks a little to give the impression that she has a tight pussy.

I keep thinking why didn't the kid write Ann Landers instead? She would have said something like to write or call the relatives, set up rules like no smoking, no perving underwear, no fighting, etc and if you can't abide by those rules don't come. Momma is dead!

Only houses I've been in with flies in the winter are houses with dead things in the walls.

Did I tell you the Wasp is a freak. she's the kind of girl who during a party, spends all her time in the toilet on her knees.