July 31, 2008

Countdown To StinkyCon 10: "Look Ma, No Hands"


Vichus Smith said...

Come on, Tim! I know you've got to give Rob Liefeld all the gold when it comes to suck, but do you have to drag Nicieza as well?

Like you said in the podcast, the best thing he did in this comic was write Deadpool, and I've read him on Deadpool for quite a while. He's did his thing on that. I hear that he had a good run on X-men as well.

XantesFire said...

Vichus, Nicieza probably was drinking when working with Rob Liefeld. Lateness, bad artwork, ego, enough to drive anyone to the bottle.

I think this issue was the famed, "no feet touched the ground" issue. Can't remember if this one was also a no contact issue.

The Twin Towers are a New York icon. A few other comics mentioned them meeting diasterous endings. Uk Transformers, Judge Dredd, Aliens-Outbreak, I remember discussing this with my brother and there were a couple more that had the towers destroyed.

I don't think Marvel or DC cares if his artwork is bad. Enough bubbleheads will buy it, you see increase almost everytime he does a title. I think they are more concerned with his lateness.

Should have had Kingsley review this issue, Might have commented on the "relationship" between Black Tom and The Juggernaut.