July 31, 2008

Episode 32: I Wanna Believe...That Scully Would Fuck Me.


XantesFire said...

New theme song? Guess you're not living out on the street.

There's a 1995 comic book sequel to "Death Race 2000", called "Death Race 2020" done by the guys who did "Marshal Law". I only got issue 1, what I can remember is Frankenstein is president and the people want the races back. And that it's very bloody and violent.

You know Mulder is probably having sex with Scully cause she's an alien's sloppy seconds.

Vichus Smith said...

so, tim, you went to see Batman Returns and it was sold out? Where were they showing this, at a drive-in? :)

BTW, where the fuck is Kingslee? Is he too busy to be part of the show? No offense to your newest guest host, but I like a little ambiguous sexuality with my movie reviews.

thoom said...


You want Kingslee's phone number? He is single now, though he says he is looking for a "sista". But you can give it a try.

Vichus Smith said...

Alright, ya SOB! :) Sorry for askin'

XantesFire said...

How about doing a Midnighter issue review with Kingsley? Or a late in the series Preacher issue, where readers found out Cassidy the irish vampire liked sucking other things besides blood.