August 24, 2008

Countdown to Stinkycon 9: Steel #34

THOOM! Continues the countdown to StinkyCon


Floating Yeti said...

i still need to give you a tutorial on using bit-torrents.

you mention the series 52 in the podcast a lot. i never tried reading the series because i thought i would need extensive knowledge of dc history to appreciate it. is that the case?

Thoom said...

No, you don't need to have an extensive knowledge of DC to enjoy '52'. It's a self contained story. The story takes a few issues to get going, though.

XantesFire said...

To me, part of the fun in reading big crossovers was knowing who everyone was.

Independence Day is a guilty pleasure. Really dumb but fun to watch, leave your brain on your coffe table before you click "play".

Hardware thought he had a father/son relationship with the rich white guy he worked for, that was disspelled in the first issue when he asked for share of the profits from his inventions. And the white guy told him he was a useful cog in his machine, nothing more.

They live in a world of superpowered beings, if someone flies in and says, "run before I use my heat vision." Are you gonna stop and check your "Who's Who in Tights?"

Actually he's not the first to work for both side in DCU. The tailor in Flash comics mostly worked for the villians but would sometimes do jobs for heroes.

Age of consent is 16 in New Jersey. Yeah, she's legal, Uncle John.

With the Inhumans, lineage is a top priority. So crazy or not, if the person is royality, defeats all takers and is supported by other memeber of the royal family, he is king. He's not the first mad royal head crowned.(see England)