August 28, 2008

Countdown To StinkyCon 8: Rawhide Kid


XantesFire said...

Dude, seriously, reading Rawhide Kid is more fun if you pretend he sounds like John Wayne. Using "a previous host who shall remain nameless" voice destroys the imagery.

Oops, meant this comment about mad kings here.

With the Inhumans, lineage is a top priority. So crazy or not, if the person is royality, defeats all takers and is supported by other members of the royal family, he is king. He's not the first mad royal head crowned.(see England)

thoom said...

No, that is like putting Charles Manson into the white house just because his lineage is "royalty" (or related to Bush)

Maximus was jailed this whole time because he's nuts. It would've made more sense to put Medusa in charge, since she is the queen.

XantesFire said...

It's good to be king.
And if Charles Manson was royality, the Brits would keep him locked up in luxury until they needed him as a monarch.

Remember Black Bolt killed his parents and the then counsel, but they made him king anyway.

Vichus Smith said...

Tim, you can tell your friend DEREK COWARD that it's OK, he can love The Matrix now, like the rest of civilized society.

As for that "hole" about why the matrix just doesn't use cows; I guess your friend didn't take note that robots enslaving their creator is just a great comeuppance or that Humans are the best battery robots could find in the CVS we call earth. Your friend must buy the store brand that dies in a day or two while the evil overlord matrix robots invest in the more expensive batteries.

We live for a long damn time, at least longer than fucking cows.

XantesFire said...

Actually that using humans as batteries as a comeuppance is the only logical reason to it. Since they are robots and the toxicity of the earth didn't seem to affect them then they could have set up wind farms to use the high winds, geothermal rigs hooked up to the exposed magma, radiation converters, or built orbiting solar platforms.

Cows would have been better, So they usually live atleast 20 years if not slaughtered. They could have probably set up a matrix for cows on a Commodore 128. No rebellions, or need to watch carefully, maybe set up a sheepdog agent program.

Plus, dried milk can be a coal substitute, and spoiled milk can be converted into biogas. And of course methane, another fuel source.

vichussmith said...

If I was an evil robot looking for good batteries, I'd pick organic life over using stuff you have to dig up. All the humans have to do is procreate and you have new batteries that will last a long ass time.

I think besides that, maybe it's some crazy love/hate thing robots in The Matrix had for humans. In the end, Agent Smith was filled with hate for humanity, and he was only a program. Just think of what the machines thought of humans.

Oh, yeah, Rawhide Kid. I heard that Rawhide Kid is coming back- free of "the gay" by the way.

XantesFire said...

But see that's the problem, humans don't create energy they reuse energy, basically solar thru our food. You block out the sun the vegetation die and then the animals, soon us.

It would be easier to use alternative energies like volcanoes, winds, wave generators, etc than feed and milk us for thermal energy.

thoom said...

Tim, you can tell your friend DEREK COWARD that it's OK, he can love The Matrix now, like the rest of civilized society.

It wasn't Derek. And why would a computer want revenge? Revenge is an emotion.

XantesFire said...

It's scifi, or science future. Computers and machines will learn human emotions, like hate or misery.