August 17, 2008

Episode 37: The Kids In The Corner


Vichus Smith said...

Ginna Torres is a fucking black chick, end of story. So is the Torres chick from New X-men. I'm reading New Warriors and she looks like a black chick to me. If Ginna Torres went to Cuba, them fucking haters would say racist things about her. If that doesn't prove she's black, then why does she use those sweet lips of hers to plug Morpheus into the Matrix?

If you think Ginna Torres is Cuban but not black, then you must be Jessica Alba, that self-hating asshole.

Oh, before I go, I would like to say I'm against the Peter Rios hate. What has this man done to you, besides tap dance his way into your heart? I object to Trenchcoat AND TIM ESPECIALLY callinng CGS a bland show. Have you ever heard the Uncle Sal episodes?

CGS does promote a kinder, friendlier environment, but what's so wrong with that? It's so incredibly easy to spit venom at everyone all day long. And besides, if all podcasts were like Thoom or Podcast X, then you guys wouldn't be special. You'd just be lost in the shuffle. So CGS being "bland" is great because when people are looking for something different, they come to your shows.

Thoom said...

I defended Peter Rios.

Uncle Sal is just cursing and foul mouthed with no interesting content.

If spitting venom is easy, then kissing the ass of every comic book and being family friendly is even easier. They used to have 6 guys on the mic and there's be 20 mintues of silence out of an hour long show. zzzzzzzz

T Mafia said...

What has Peter Rios ever done to me?

Besides calling me out for "shameless self-promotion" for linking to PCX; you know, like forum posters everywhere link back to their own sites?

Besides accusing me of "trashing" CGS (which I'm happy to do now, mind you) over an obvious joke, so his Hitler Youth fans would rally behind him?

Besides deleting the thread where all this went down in the first place after I countered his little tantrums with inconvenient facts?

Besides all that, nothing much, I guess.

Vichus Smith said...

Why does it always go straight to Hitler? Does anyone ever just compare people to Stalin? He was a mover and shaker back in the day, too.

I have been witness to Peter Rios' hissyfits on the forums. I think he probably deleted the thread because he realized that hypocrisy preserved on the internet for all to see isn't a good idea.

That said, I like CGS. Yes, they have been guilty of dead air, despite having 80 people in the same room at a time.:)

Also, they don't love everything. There are times where you have someone like Jaimie D shit on DMZ or something. They just focus on what they like.

T Mafia said...

I just had a thought...isn't the phrase "shameless self-promotion" kinda stupid, anyway? What's so shameful about promoting your own stuff?

Hell, I can think of at least one 'cast that started their own magazine to promote themselves.

Vichus Smith said...

Oprah has a podcast? :)

Anonymous said...

I love Gina Torres! But yeah, she's black, there's no disputing that.

Yay, you mentioned me!
As for not knowing when you're getting your period. Well you can feel it coming on, getting the occasional cramps, mood swings, cravings, ect.
But when the blood starts to flow it's not alot. And you wouldn't notice until you go and pee and then you're all like "hey, I'd better go get a pad then".
That's more information than you needed to know.

Also, the Hulk movie was awesome. And everyone knows he hates personal pro-nouns.

Wait, what?! Trenchcoat is yet another Apple slave? NOOO!
I love Sony, so I have a PSP.


XantesFire said...

Gina Torres is Afro-cuban, meaning cubans of african ancestry. What's the problem there? (Cleopatra 2525 was okay, but it dragged Jack Of All Trades down with it.)

"Angel has a big butt so she's black? She can't be hispanic?" I have two words for you, "Jennifer Lopez." A latina with a butt so incredible she has fooled everyone into thinking she has singing talent.

Why do black people try to kwanzaatize everything cool. "Christmas is cool but not black enough, let's kwanzatize it."
Angel Salvadore is hispanic, stop trying to kwanzatize her.

WHy does angel look black in New Warriors? Really? She looks generic hero-female type to me. "just give her a few shades darker and she's ethnic." And her name is Angel. Hispanics name so many of their kids Angel or Jesus it's embarrassing.

One of these days I will have to force myself to listen to a full CGS, usually after 10 minutes of their blah, blah I stop.

Remember, if it smells like old fish, wash it out. If it taste like copper, get out. Unless you want your red wings.

T Mafia said...

Courtney, I've owned many a Sony product...all of which have eventually broken. Fool me once, etc.

Xantes, I'm officially adding "Kwanzaatize" to my everyday vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

Really? Maybe they don't make Sony like they do in Australia.
Of course it could help if you don't put that stuff underwater.


thoom said...

Why do black people try to kwanzaatize everything cool. "Christmas is cool but not black enough, let's kwanzatize it."
Angel Salvadore is hispanic, stop trying to kwanzatize her.>>

A bunch of blacks who segregated themselves from and damned American culture, while secretly being jealous of Holidays like Christmas (instead of just disowning it) and deciding to remix a ceremony from Africa that ain't got shit to do with Christmas
because they want alternatives to a "white" NOT the same as identifying a character that has dark skin, afro or wooly natural hair and African features (wide nose, thick lips)as black.

I wouldn't call a character drawn to look like Steve Rogers-blonde hair/blue eyes- an "Indian". I'd call him caucasian.

XantesFire said...

If her name was Angie Johnson, I would be the first to say, she's black, but her name is Angel Salvadore, she has used some spanish phrases, she has curly hair, much like many of my hispanic relatives not an afro, like many of my black relatives, so I thinking she quacks like a hispanic.