August 10, 2008

Episode 36: Tony Stark Is Evil


T Mafia said...

And before anyone corrects me, yeah, I should've remembered that Kate/Hawkeye's actual surname is "Bishop" and not "Spencer" - in fact, "Kate Spencer" aka Manhunter isn't even in the Marvel Universe...

XantesFire said...

Tony is such an ass, "don't be stupid it's not a clone." Tony should add, "Bah!" to the start of each sentence.

John Romita Jr.'s artwork is okay, but it all looks so squarish.

They ever give a reason why The Wakandians haven't taken over the rest of Africa?

Pete doesn't want to sex up his aunt, just his prolong relationship with MJ makes him uncomfortable. He misses Skip.

The only people still living in Metropolis should be Lexcorp employees and maybe some civil servants. Metropolis gets invaded and/or pulvarized every couple of months. Why would you live in a place like that? If I lived in the DC universe I think I would be living in Canada.

I really don't like how the whole Civil War debacle was handled. I think Cap should have protested then turned himself over to the authorities and then sued the US government for infringing on his rights as a US citizen.

People would have supported him, especially seniors and they vote so you know the politicians would be paying attention.

Sure a bunch of kids died but what did Cap have to do with them? In fact if you look at Cap's history you would find that he trained newbies to be responsible and helpful (Helpful like helping little old ladies cross the street), every chance he had, and he was a busy guy. He even reformed criminals.

Look at Ironman, who did he train? Jack of Hearts? What did he do? Blew up the Avengers mansion and kill some people. Want a drink Tony?

Stark is a billionaire, he could have set up a training program for new heroes. In fact I think Sandman and Rage were part of an Avengers training program that Cap thought up. Sure Sandman went bad again but that's not Cap's fault, I hear it's cause of the whole, "Ironman's Twinkies! Do not touch!" incident.

kafraco said...

I love how one of the consistent arguments that hear against Tony Stark is he's a billionaire.

XantesFire said...

That Tony is a billionaire is not an arguement against him, it's that he's a billionaire that could done so much more.

XantesFire said...

Hey, I just read the Civil War's What if?'s and you know the one where Cap and Ironman team up to train the future heroes? That's Captain America's idea. And note that there isn't really a registration act, just a go get "Captain America training" deal going on.

Maybe the really expensive training facilities are Tony's idea, but you know they are governmentally funded. So it makes you think, the reason Tony didn't embrace Cap's training idea before is cause it was not profitable. And the reason he was so gun-ho about the Registration act was cause now everything will be paid for by the government?

Worse than Doom. Atleast Doom tried to honor his mother by trying to rescue her from hell. Tony only bothered to set up a tax shelter in his mother's name.

T Mafia said...

And ironically enough, Tony's mother is probably in Hell for having given birth to him.