September 14, 2008

Episode 45: Killing Is Bad, But Racism Is Worse


XantesFire said...

War Games was cool cause it was one of the first movies showing a teenage hacker, he barely was at his computer except for a couple of scenes, rest of the time he was running from the military.

Thoom, you're even censoring the top ten list? Fascist!

Monitor is testing the heroes and villans to see who he can use against the Anti-Monitor. Note, the people hired by the Monitor do exist without his interference, even thought he does supply some with better tech, usually after being hired by him to take on heroes, the villans are defeated. The assassins hired are on the lameish side, except for Cheshire. I think Monitor purposely did that, otherwise he would have hired ones who made more sense and had a real chance at defeating the Titans.

Even though the assassins are lameish, the writers do appear to try to make them more than just generic baddies. Such as Bazooka Joe is a bigot, but in the meantime he tries to be friendly to the black guy on his side.

"...I'd be fucking Starhawk...I mean Starfire..."? What the? Freudian slip? you gotta stop hanging around with the guest host who I will not name.

How is Raven a rip off of Jean Grey? Jean Grey is a mutant possesed by the Phoenix, the incarnation of destruction and rebirth, a force of nature. Raven is the granddaughter of the devil, her soul is hereditaryly evil and that turns her evil.

Both of Cyborgs legs are cybernetics. But it does edge toward being "convenient fiction".

Garfield was raised for the last couple of years by heroes, who would sacrifice themselves to save a village of 12 people by willingly letting themselves get blown up. Concern over someone who was trying to kill him would fit his behavior pattern.

thoom said...

Both Raven and Phoenix (both named after a mysterious or fictional magic bird)are struggling with a very powerful dark side that can destroy their worlds.

>>Concern over someone who was trying to kill him would fit his behavior pattern.>>

Garth tried to kill Deathstroke shortly after this issue. Why? because Deathstroke tried to kill him.

Superheroes being sad over the killing of a villian who just tried the kill them 2 seconds ago-- is writing without logic.

XantesFire said...

You're saying cause they have "bird" in their names they are similar? Then I claim they are both ripoffs of Birdman and Hawkman.

"struggling with a very powerful dark side that can destroy their worlds." It's a comic book, that's a reoccurring storyline, see episode 95-"Jennifer, NO!" "Powerful dark side..." "...destroy their worlds." Yep, that's in there.

Did Garth kill Deathstroke? Um, no, why not? Could he have remembered that he been taught otherwise? He is human though and he should have a point where he would kill, but he has that DP experience that helps him not to.