September 10, 2008

Episode 44: Time To Change...Into your Afro-Attire


XantesFire said...

On 9.11, I almost had a fight with an old jew in my local post office. He said americans were irresponsible because unlike Israel, we don't know a thing about security. I said then that would defeat the point of being an american if we had to nazitize our nation's security. And I wouldn't be surprised if the towers being hit had anything to do with us supporting Israel's little genocide program. He basically descended to calling me names in hebrew which I mistook for sneezing.

I think I would choose Cindy, over Tracy, she seems more innocent.
Even though I think Laurie was an easy slut, I think I would choose Marsha cause of the innocent factor again. 1st season Marsha.

I would skip Mrs Brady, too stepford wives creepy and go for hot and horny widow Shirley Partridge. Probably can get a threesome with her and Laurie going.

Patridge Family had a cartoon, Partridge Family 2200 A.D.

And The Brady Kids are a classic, they had an episode where they found kryptonite in their treehouse and Clark Kent was weaken by it when he tried to be alone with Cindy. Or was it Bobby?

Little Africa? Does exist. Probably heard this one before- What's the most confusing holiday in Harlem? Father's day.

And those guys are right, I wouldn't want a bunch of unfriendly people who walked away without saying a word to me anytime I tried talking to them, living in my neighborhood. Oh, wait, I do that. But that's just when they're asking for money or trying to sell me stolen dvds or watches.

T Mafia said...

As Podcast X (and therefore by extension, THOOM!) is already on record as supporting genocide, I'd just like to add that we especially support genocidal countries that produce hotties like Natalie Portman.

I either never saw or forgot all about the Partridge toon, but now that you mention it, I should have remembered the ads for it in comic books of the time.

Brady Kids must've taken place on "Earth-B" or something; I think Wonder Woman was on an episode, too.

And remember, kids - when you do the right thing and download your movies, you're helping to put those guys hawking stolen DVDs out of business!

XantesFire said...

By that logic, Thoom should also be supporting beastiality and pedophilia, but he has made himself clear that he wouldn't support NAMGLA nor NAMALA.

I myself don't support genocide, it's like destroying flavors of ice cream. Why would you support genocide of a place that produces Natalie Portman?

According to Wiki, Wonder Woman and the Lone Ranger were also on the Brady Kids.

T Mafia said...

But if genocide is like ice cream, that makes the ultimate goal here winnowing things down to just 31 "flavors" of people.

XantesFire said...

Even Baskin Robbins doesn't just have 31 flavors. They have 31 regular flavors then some sesonal, promotional, trial, etc. flavors coming in and out all the time. Different flavors can be bought at other locations. I like variety. I don't want my ice cream to be homogenized.

Anonymous said...

Thank god Starhawk didn't review this!

It's embarrassing that the two of you were talking about the Brady Bunch for ten friggin minutes.

Jonn Jonns>>>>Superman

And on 9/11 I woke up, turned on the TV and wondered why my cartoons were replaced with some news shit that looked like people walking through ash.

If you like I could draw that "Problem?" panel that you imagined.


XantesFire said...

You just reminded me why we shouldn't trust Australians. They are a day ahead. They already experienced September 11 the day before. Why couldn't they have warned us in New York?

I vote that you review a Brady Bunch comic.

T Mafia said...
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T Mafia said...

XF, don't think I haven't considered it; problem is, I could only find one Brady comic in Overstreet and it doesn't seem to be "readily available" (i.e. pirated online.) I do have a digital Partridge Family comic, though...

Courtney, I agree that it was embarrassing we only talked about the Brady Bunch for ten minutes; we'll try to go more in-depth on the topic next time it comes up.

And yeah, you gotta draw that. I suspect that was probably the original ending to this mess but then they remembered they were DC-Comics-in-the-Seventies and hence lame as hell, so they swapped it out for that redundant splash page.

Anonymous said...

Xantesfire- Our TARDIS was broken

Trenchcoat- Good, I've done the basic lines, now you've got to send me some pages of that comic for visual reference. So I can get costumes and over all style accurate.


T Mafia said...

Sending the comic now.