December 22, 2008

Episode 60: Christmas Special


XantesFire said...

Bruce Banner has tried to kill himself.

It wasn't a regular suicide, it was self-euthanasia.

John Byrnes is a legend like Liefeld is. Sure they should get some credit for some of their accomplishments. Byrnes for getting away with white panels as artwork. Liefeld for setting records in how late a book can be. But after awhile you're left wondering why are they still here.

T Mafia said...

on Liefeld vs. Byrne:

To give the devil his due, at least Byrne can draw feet.

THOOM! said...

What's this "white panel" shit? Byrne draws backgrounds as much as anyone else. And the instances that had no b.g. "worked". That is why he is an artist.

However, I will admit....And I probably should not do this because I will never hear the end of it- but i am tired of JB's artwork.It is "old" to me now and played out. I used to love his heads, faces, etc, but now they look like pumpkin heads to me. and I don't I went back and read some of his old Superman stories (Supes #4 with the mummy creature) and it it was horrible. His early issues of the 90s Sub-Mariner were okay, The Next Men stories that I did read were depressing and a rip off of Marvel Stuff (very unoriginal) and his "Blood of the Demon" was horrendous.

His run on Action Comics with Gail Simone was good, though.

Are you happy now? ARE YOU!?

Also, T-Mafia, I am flying to LA from upstate NY on Sunday 12/28 and have a three hour layover in case you were had time for a drink and a pic for the THOOM! website. The invite is worth a try.

XantesFire said...

The white panels that I know of were in some early Alpha Flight issues. One had Aurora being squashed by white poles in a trap for a page or so until she busted out. Second one was White Bird fighting the Yeti in a blizzard, I think it was 4 pages of white. No artwork nor sound effects, just white panels.

Next men was just so freaking talkative. I liked that the power virus was sexually transmittable. But that he had to have main events happen on palindrome dates was really stupid.

Do you remember the back up story with I think it was about an android with memory loss, every month the story would start from the beginning and the last page would have a little bit of new story. So freaking annoying I sent him a few postcards written like this, "I think... I think this... I think this story... I think this story is..." When finished I think it read, "I think this story is really annoying, why do you have to repeat the whole storyline each time? Your readers aren't all idiots."

Wasn't all his independent stuff ripoffs?

T Mafia said...

Tim, I'm working Sunday, but next time you'll be out this way just gimme more advance notice and I'll try to get the day off.

Xantes, I'm wondering if Byrne actually got paid for "drawing" those blank pages.

XantesFire said...

He must have, I also remember him doing the white panels when he did Superman. I thought his whole run on on it was lame except Superman did pornos with Big Bertha. Wish they made a cartoon out of that.

XantesFire said...

Why did u do it so we can't comment on Pre-show episode?