February 18, 2009

Episode 61: Coldplay Sucks

THOOM! reviews Phantom Stranger #32 (1974, DC Comics)
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XantesFire said...

I don't know why you're complaining about that people buying stuff at good will is disgusting. You buy old comics. Who know where people read them or what they did with them.

Only good thing about the song American Pie.

I hate the Phantom Stranger, he shows up and gives you a warning and a cryptic one at that, "the crow doesn't crow at night." Usually doesn't help when he could help. He just seems more of a waste of space.

And why are you complaining about tombstone rubbings? It's harmless. See an interesting stone or want a momento of say your parents headstones, do a rubbing. The other option would be take the stone home with you.

Actually a neighbor used to date an undertaker, he would pick her up in his hearse. Us, kids thought it was cool and creepy. And she is black and eventually married him.

Witchcraft was the horror of the 60's and 70's much like Vampires were in the 90's and zombies are today. Jack Chick saw people were interested in it and used it to scare people to god.

Deadman is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I haven't listened to this but all I have to say is that Coldplay is awesome. I just saw them the night before last.