April 9, 2009

Episode 72: Inexplicable


XantesFire said...

"Hansom black guy?" Did he have "beautiful lips?" Besides that, you're never happy. If they showed the black guy or hispanic guy as crazed crack heads you would complain that they are stereotyping all black or hispanic people as drug addicts.

What's your problem with animals not doing stuff for humans? If we didn't need them or forced them into doing stuff for us we wouldn't care to do anything for them either.

XantesFire said...

Rap music unnerving me,

Thoom said...

You can turn the music off.

But I must promote this music. It is going to save the world.

What's your problem with animals not doing stuff for humans?,I don't have a problem with animal "attitudes" towards humans. I have a problem with people who claim to dislike other people, and pledge their love to animals. They are sick.

XantesFire said...

Okay, so don't donate to PETA.

Yes I can shut it off, but I have to each and everytime I come back here.

Music save the world? Didn't you say something about dumb people thinking any music would save the world. I believe you said it in ref to "We Are The World."

Thoom said...

But this is "Slim Shady"

XantesFire said...

He couldn't even save his marriage.