May 10, 2009

Episode 80: Brockbuster


Vichus Smith said...

Speaking of Rihanna and pictures you can AHEM to, did you see the nude pics that she took of herself? Nothing to get too excited about, because she's not getting wild in them, but if you want to leave nothing to the imagination, then you should check it out.

The pics weren't a surprise, because her breasts look just like you imagine them- young and firm. FUCK Diggnation for not liking this woman.

XantesFire said...

Thought you tweeted that you weren't interested in seeing them. They are dull softcore. There's no lip spreading nor insertion and the first two pix I thought it might be Prince.

vichussmith said...

That twitter comment was sarcastic. I tried to show that by. putting. periods. after. every. line. like. I. was. acting. uninterested.

I wouldn't turn down seeing a woman naked, even if I knew it wasn't going to e a good experience. I looked for nude pics of Bea Arthur after she died!

XantesFire said...

**cowering in fetal position on my dirty floor**

XantesFire said...

Maybe they wanted you to get the idea that his origin didn't start off with cotton candy and unicorns and suddenly he had a bad day, so they call it Dark Origin.

You don't like it cause it makes you feel depressed? Aren't you suppose to feel that, then? Doesn't that mean good writing when you can feel, relate?

Is this comic suppose to justify, Venom, Eddie Brock or just tell his story?

Why would his mom getting killed make Anakin into a superhero? I would think he would go after Yoda, I would. He knows the kid worries about his mother, so he figures he won't teach Anakin because he's fearful for her. So why not go get her and bring her to safety?

Yeah it does. If you find out what motives criminals, you might be able to stop them. People fighting to get a drink, revoke Prohibition, no more liquor wars.
Get Anakin's mom to safety so she doesn't get killed, no Darth Vader.

Are you suppose to relate to every character in a story? Maybe understand their motivation.
So, why does it make it hard to read the comic? You know why he's doing it, he likes feeling like a hero, using lies or tricks in order to achieve his goals. Why is it so hard to read? "This justifies why Eddie is not a likable character." Yeah, isn't that the point?

Like women in the real world don't date nuts or guys they should know might be not right somehow? (See Thoom episode 12)

The priest is probably in shock, "Father, son, holy ghost," probably the only stuff he can think of.

Thought you lived in New York City, you always expect someone to push you onto an oncoming train.

Yeah if you're not paying attention to continuity, this makes sense, or it might give you hope that Peter's deal with the devil will be revoked.

Vichus Smith said...

I think it was called Dark Origin because Brock was banging a black chick.

I really missed any mention of this around comc book circles. I know not a lot of people like Venom. Fuck 'em, by the way.

[Spoilers] Brock did show up in post Brand New Day era spider-man. I'm talking out of my ass because I don't read spider-man currently, but he's a brand new Venom this time.

I think he found god or some shit.

XantesFire said...

Aw, man, that caught me completely off guard. I spat up my drink on my keyboard. I think it's okay now.