May 12, 2009

Episode 81: will.i.aint. actor. will.i.aint even a good musician.

THOOM! and J.D. spoil the heck out of X-Men Origins: Wolverine(Fox Studios, 2009).
(NOTE: we also spoil the movies 'Knowing' and the new 'Star Trek')


XantesFire said...

Isn't this suppose to be episode 81?

Cameron's movie is doing good because church groups are going to see it as field trips.

I think that's the real reason they got rid of the Terrence Howard. Rhodes needs to be a man. A straight non-feminine man. Even J.D points out how fruity he is.

There are still people who play stuff created hundreds of years ago. Why can't Kirk go retro with the Beastie Boys?

I got people coming up to me who recognize me from junior high and I don't remember them.

Variant endings at the end of the movie not a gimmick? How about variant covers? You don't expect even nerds to try to see variant ending? Hello, Thoom, welcome to earth. First time here?

Thoom said...

>>Variant endings at the end of the movie not a gimmick? How about variant covers? You don't expect even nerds to try to see variant ending? Hello, Thoom, welcome to earth. First time here?>>

Nobody is going to pay eight to ten dollars just to see a five to ten second clip after the credits. A clip that might not even be shown, nonetheless. They might get the clip they saw the first time again.

If they see it again, it would be because they want to see the movie again.

XantesFire said...

Yes, there are people who go see movies multiple times. Like they won't search out the alternate endings?

Vichus Smith said...

One theory you guys were saying is that maybe Sabertooth isn't in this movie after all, but the guy in this movie is Victor Creed, and that's Sabertooth's name. You can't escape this dumb movie and its bad writing!

Marvel studios needs to redo the X-men franchise from the start.

Also, the only way the Adamantium bullet theory would work is if you put those bullets in a machine gun and shredded Wolverine's head to bits. Then he'd have to grow his brain from scratch. WIth a healing factor, you shouldn't be able to get your memory back if you have brain damage. That's how I see it.

PLEASE tell JD that if Knowing is some great ending, then The Core is a great ending, because one man and one woman survive that. In fact, most disaster or horror movies use that lame Adam/Eve cliche. I'd rather watch Bangkok Dangerous again than rent Knowing on DVD.

Oh, BTW, how are they going to explain how Rhodey looks different in part 2? Is Tony Stark going to say "Damn, Nigga, you burnt!"

XantesFire said...

What? Like they don't change actors from movie to movie sometimes, but carry the same basic storyline forward? (see James Bond, Batman, Terminator, Robocop) Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Rhodes wasn't that big of deal in the first movie, in fact he seemed like at times during the movie that he was suppose to be part of the comedy but Downey Jr. easily stole the humor spotlight.

Great, now I have to see Knowing, I don't understand from what J.D said to imply the aliens were angels except hopeful thinking. They drove cars, they flew starships. The only thing to imply they were angels was that they were glowy. What if they looked like cartoon devils? Would they still be angels? Or if they looked like predators?

Thoom said...

Fuck 'Knowing' and James' recommendation. James recommended 'Armageddon', one of movies on my top 3 bad movies list. I hated that piece of shit.

I turned James on to Shawshank Redemption, The Kid Stays In The Picture, The Apostle and The general works of Nik Tesla and Buster Keaton and suggesting movies like 'Armageddon' is how he repays me..

He hasn't recommended a good movie to me yet. Lucky thing I think that he is the 3rd funniest dude alive behind Chris Rock and Paul Mooney or I wouldn't be hanging out with that guy..

XantesFire said...

Not wanting to see it cause he recommended. I want to see it cause I want to see how aliens are confused for angels.

Anonymous said...

JD makes Knowing sound so compelling. That long take subway scene sounds very effective and the ambiguous ending seems quite intriguing. I will probably watch it when it comes out on dvd/torrent sites. Even though I'm not a Proyas fan.

I'm glad Don Cheadle is playing Rhodes in IM2. I've liked him ever since I saw him in Boogie Nights, as small a role as it was. He's a way better actor than Terrence Howard that's for sure. LMAO at JD's impression of him. "Tonay, Tonay"

Of course it wouldn't be a JD discussion without him mentioning aicn. Surprised it took him 25 minutes though. And no surprise at Harry Knowles sucking up to filmmakers. That guy has no integrity at all.

The gay undertones(or overtones) are still funny as hell, intentional or not. Neil Mcdonough's cute eyes. George Michael writing on a man's back. And JD's affinity to Elton John. You guys have me cracking up.

Man, I would have loved to hear Jame's opinion on Hellboy 2. He brought it up only to mention the Wanted ad but not the film itself. I myself dug the shit out of HB2. A very fun, competently made movie with lots of tight action sequences. Prince Nuada is such a bad-ass. I can't wait to see how Del Toro's Hobbit films turn out. If not great, at the very least it will be an interesting take on the fantasy genre.

My take on Wolverine. I thought it was entertaining for what it was, which is summer popcorn fare, although the plot and writing are sub-par. And I'm sure that subsequent viewings will not help my opinion of the movie. Still, it was better than that boring ass first X-Men. I tried to watch that a year ago but couldn't stay awake. I don't even wanna affiliate Wolverine with that lethargic piece of crap.

Thank you. Thank you. Finally somebody that calls out Danny Huston's poor performance. Glad I'm not the only one who thought this. That guy stank that shit up and was easily one of the weaker aspects of Wolverine. All the other podcasts I listen to fail to mention how bad he was.

I heard there was a 3rd post credit sequence where Wade picks up Weapon XI's head and says "Who the hell are you suppose to be" implying that Weapon XI was a clone all along.

I like JD's morbid take on X2. All those people killed by cerebro. Little babies in their crib with their heads exploding. POP! POP! POP! MOMMY!!! HaHaHa!!!

As much as they messed up Deadpool in this movie, the very nature of the character makes it very simple to launch his own spin-off. If the studio has balls, the teaser of the Deadpool movie could be footage of Weapon XI from X-Men Origins: Wolverine and then 3 seconds in, Ryan Reynolds with full traditional Deadpool regalia slices the screen, breaks the fourth wall. and talks to the audience stating how lame his character was portrayed in Wolverine and that this new film is going to be nothing like that.

Thanks again for these podcasts. I always enjoy them especially the ones with JD. You guys have a great dynamic. Very funny and organic. I pray for more THOOM & JD shows.

- The Wreck Roar (from Canada)

Thoom said...

Wow. Thanks you very much for the feedback. I enjoyed reading that.

I think that would be a perfect opening to a Deadpool movie, BTW.

I may have some more to say about this comment later, I do wanna say that James does talk about Hellboy 2 in the second part of this conversation which is the next episode, #82. Which is late.

Thoom said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice! Can't wait.

Hey Tim wanna play a game? Ready?

Lick my.....

balls, lick my nuts, suck my nuts,
lick my nuts, suck my balls,
suck my balls, suck my balls.

suck my nuts, suck my nuts,
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For the uninformed, the above is a reference to the KATG show, which you should be listening to anyways.

- The Wreck Roar