June 2, 2009

Episode 85: We're On The Case


Anonymous said...

Karl Urban played Eomer in LOTR. He's the leader of the Rohan Riders.

LOL @ Scotty banging the little creature. No wonder they had such a close bond. They're practically inseparable. I was just glad it didn't speak english. That could of easily been another Jar Jar debacle. And speaking of Episode 1, that monster chase sequence on the ice planet reminded me of the underwater scene from Phantom Menace. "There's always a bigger fish."

LOL @ James dissing Eric Banna.
"He was bland. His motive sucked ass. His technique sucked ass. His leadership sucked ass. He gonna have his crew wait for 25 years while Spock come through a worm hole. I would of beat that nigger's ass if I was a crew member."
No doubt, if James was a crew member, he would of usurped Nero in less than a month, and with ease.

Yup, time travel can be tricky for writers, but when done right they make for very engrossing experiences. If you haven't seen them, check out both Primer and Time Crimes.

Besides District 9 and Public Enemies, the only other potentially good upcoming summer films that I can think of are Half-Blood Prince, 500 Days of Summer, Inglorious Bastards, and for people in LA or NY, Park Chan-wook's Thirst. Sometimes I wished I lived in LA. Damn you Tim, lucky bastard. Hopefully Thirst will be played at this year's Toronto Film Festival.

Thank you for calling out the poor execution in the Spider-Man movie. I thought I was the only one who was underwhelmed by Spidey 1 & 2. It was too funny how much JD was pissed with the writers and director. And his rant about how apathetic the filmmakers are was surprisingly insightful. They got dream jobs that we would love to have and yet they still slack off and give us sub-par shit.

And yes, more Dark Knight praise is very warranted and welcomed. Indeed, Nolan is a truly talented director. He's so bad-ass he doesn't even need the film title at the start, let alone an intro credit sequence. More directors need to follow suit instead of boring us with generic intro credits. Unless, of course, they are inventive like in Watchmen or Wolverine.

Yes Tim, THANK YOU. Batman is such a crappy ass movie. I totally agree with you that Batman set a shitty precedent for all the subsequent bad superhero movies to follow. Thank God for Batman Begins setting the bar at a way higher level and legitimizing the genre.

LMAO @ the Michael J. White/Christopher Nolan phone conversation

MJW - "You want me to be Robin?"
CN - "No"
MJW - "You want me to be Batman's helper in Gotham City"
CN - "No"
MJW - "The Black Lightning"
CN - "No"
MJW - "Black Falcon"
CN - "No"
MJW - "Lucious' helper"
CN - "No"
MJW - "Lucious' son"
CN - "No"
MJW - "A fluffer"
CN - "Well ya know what, let me think about that Michael. Actually no, no that's okay"
MJW - "Well then, what did you have in mind?"
CN - "Gangster with no name. You get killed within the first 15 minutes.
MJW - "Yeah I'm down, I'm down"


Big thanks again Tim. Entertaining as always. Love these THOOM!/JD joints.

- The Wreck Roar

Anonymous said...

What did he say about me now?