June 2, 2009

Episode 86: Super Snatch

THOOM! reviews Superman's Girlfriend #93 (DC, 1969)
Be sure to download both parts:
Click here for Episode 86 part1
Click here for Episode 86 part2


Vichus Smith said...

Tim's word of the day:

Hippolyta [hi-pol-i-tuh]

Thoom said...

Are you one of the people who downloaded part 2 w/o even downloading part 1?

XantesFire said...

Super-rapping? When did Superman super-rap?

Problems climbing rope, you wuss.

She probably bragged about destroying the future tech or they tortured it out of her,

Vichus Smith said...

I don't know what you're talking about, Tim. I listen to every episode.

Why would you track who did and didn't download an episode? Do you have that few listeners that it catches your eye when someone doesn't download something?

Thoom said...

Super-rapping? When did Superman super-rap?

Tales of superman battling rappers were told in "Jam On It" by Newcleus and "Rapper's Delight" by SugarHill Gang

Anonymous said...

I don't know about super rapping, but Supes belted out a super song in Final Crisis

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