June 16, 2009

Episode 90: Furries and Beasts

SWF,looking for Single Male, preferably sporting fur, horns or some beastlike qualities. Megalomania and being Ruler of a Sovereign Nation is a must.


Anonymous said...

Yay. Another episode with Courtney. Furries and Beasts? Sounds kinky. Will listen soonish.

- The Wreck Roar

Vichus Smith said...

I also thought that people who did the second pronunciations of manga and anime were being weeaboos, but according to the dictionary, there are two accepted pronunciations of those words.

BTW, Courtney is the ONLY one who said that Ozymandias is good in the Watchmen movie. Everyone else has said that he was wasted.

XantesFire said...

What are you saying? You want the return of the pink camo G.I. Joe?

Earth Science.

Anonymous said...

That would be better than generic black leather outfits. I'm not even being facetious.

- The Wreck Roar

Anonymous said...

Slither is very similar to Night of the Creeps. Although James Gun stated that he never saw it. Sure buddy. And Tim Kring never read a comic as well.

Yeah, the one with the clones is Alien Resurrection directed by master Jeunet. He's the same visionary that created Delicatessen, which Trench Coat mentioned on one of his recent shows. I was surprised he claimed it as one of the best films of 91 (though it should have been #1) cause it's essentially a love story wrapped around an obsurdist dark comedy. It's quite revealing that he put it on his list and proves that deep down TCM is actually quite a nice guy. Don't tell him I said that, though.

Unfortunately, Resurrection isn't up to Jeunet's standards. But the fault lies with Fox. They fucked it up just like they did with Fincher's Alien 3.

Ekhart could cross polinate. Look at Hale Berry. She played both Storm and Catwomen. Never mind. Bad example.

Guy Pierce, whose got acting chops and looks a bit like Heath Ledger could play The Joker. Or get Daniel Day Lewis to play an older version of the character.

"Any movie with Marlon Waynes is not gonna be a good movie."
What about Requiem for a Dream?

Most people's problem with the violence in the Watchmen movie was that it was too stylized or "cartoony". They argue that it took away from the pathos and gravitas of the source material. I can see where they're coming from but I personally didn't have a problem with the fight scenes. My beef was with the script and general direction.

>>BTW, Courtney is the ONLY one who said that Ozymandias is good in the Watchmen movie. Everyone else has said that he was wasted.>>

I thought Ozymandias was one of the weakest aspects of the movie, seeing how he is a crucial component of what made the graphic novel so great. To be fair, I don't blame the actor. Clearly, the writers and director are to blame. In the comic he's such a compelling and rich character. In the movie he's a bland, conventional villain.

Who would win in a fight? Darkness or The Goblin King? Darkness is a vicious, savage beast but The Goblin King is a master of trickery. Plus, he's got a menacingly large cod piece.

I thought it was the monolith that ushered in the dawn of man.

A PCX/THOOM! commentary track would kick major ass. But what movie would you guys choose?

- The Wreck Roar

T Mafia said...

Oh, that's too perfect a segue to maintain my usual "too busy to comment everywhere" stance. Everyone check out Podcast X Sunday (hopefully) for a-- well, for a TV show "commentary track", anyway. Co-starring...let's just say, The Anti-Tim...

Anonymous said...

Wreck Roar, um, Mr. Wreck Roar, if you prefer, are you Courtney's brother, or do we have another degenerate listening to the PODCAST X network?

Yeah, Tim, the Podcast X network. You know you're a spin-off. I read that in a blog. :)

Where else are you posting, Trenchcoat? The Bede thread on The Comic Forums?

Anonymous said...

Nope, I'm not Courtney's little brother. Just another random listener.

>>Everyone check out Podcast X Sunday (hopefully) for a-- well, for a TV show "commentary track", anyway. Co-starring...let's just say, The Anti-Tim...>>

Nice. I'm guessing it's the first Son of Podon.

- The Wreck Roar

T Mafia said...

I'm guessing it's the first Son of Podon.

Well, I think Starhawk is discussed, at least!

-signed, Trenchcoat Mafia, Lord High Emperor of the mighty Podcast X Network, of which Tim's show is like a little village out in the country somewhere...

Anonymous said...

No way could my brother have the attention span to write such long messages.

Courtney...Von Doom

Anonymous said...

Courtney, have you ever dressed up as Doom? Better yet, have you dressed up as Valeria Von Doom.

OK, more doom questions: have you seen the most recent issue of Fantastic Four with "Doom's Master"?

Anonymous said...

1. Yes: http://pyro-the-maniac.deviantart.com/art/Doom-Mask-2-89220922

2. And yes, I have read that and it's all lies, DOOM BOWS DOWN TO NO ONE!