June 7, 2009

Episode 88: Zombie Vikings=Good Comic Book


XantesFire said...

New York City in the Marvel universe's policy is to deny everything. Alien invasions, deny. Demons from hell, deny. Red Sox won the World Series, deny.

Thoom said...

NYC can deny all they want, but that guy's Daddy saw Atlanteans invading the city. and he knows Thor is around..So, Zombie Vikings? I'm stepping back.

Anonymous said...

The citizens of the Marvel universe are pretty much jackasses. Check out the bystanders from WWHulk and Secret Invasion alone. They should all be cut in twin from the waist down.

OK, now I want to clear up the whole gay issue:

1. Kingslee is a closeted gay. Once he embraces the homo, he's gonna go wild on some cock.

2. JD is a super top. I wouldn't imagine that he'd be the type to bend over and take one, but I think he will not hesitate to plow any port in a storm

3. Timmy Thoom is a familiar. He would like to be gay, but he's too much of a fucking nerd to be gay. Digging in the quarter bin while listening to Lady GaGa? That's not fabulous! SO Tim, I hope you respected the compliment I just gave you.

What, too much?

XantesFire said...

Dude, I'm saying that's what they do, not that it makes sense. Sort of like denying science and evidence and believing in a sky daddy just cause it makes one feel good.

Vichus Smith said...

NYC'ers don't deny, we just don't give a shit. We see things happening and we just think about what appointment we're late for.