June 4, 2009

Episode 87: Shafted


XantesFire said...

What do you mean when you use "retro"?

Just cause he has a book of hynonyms doesn't mean he should be praised.

Are you a creationist? Stop using Darwinism, it more of a political term and just use evolution.

Derek Coward was wrong, there was a Wonder Woman podcast. Whether it was good or bad, I don't know.

White Slavery?

Thoom said...

I am a creationist and don't believe we "evolved" from protoplasm out of the sea.

Yes, a white slavery ring.

XantesFire said...

What's your excuse?

T Mafia said...

Xantes, xtians believe that dinosaur bones were placed here by "god" to test their faith.

Sadly, I'm not even joking.

Anonymous said...

You haven't read Thunderbolts - Caged Angels Part VI? You missed out on a fight between Moonstone and Doc Samson. A kick-ass showdown with Songbird and Green Goblin. And Bullseye, having healed from his paralysis, has a pretty cool moment as well.

Screw Comic Geek Speak and all those other dull comic book podcasts. Give me THOOM!, Podcast X, and ANTiFanboy instead.

- The Wreck Roar