July 26, 2009

Episode 98: Kids Are Assholes, Too


Anonymous said...

DOOM is a brilliant movie, because Karl Urban was in it.
...He's pretty.

Thoom said...

DOOM was horrible, but Karl Urban was okay in it.

Vichus Smith said...

I remember when it was my first day in high school and I was wearing tight khaki pants. Mind you this was the late 90s, so I was way out of style.

I was barely in style, at the most, and I don't give a shit now...

Doom could have been so much better. At least they could have tried to make it scary.

Vichus Smith said...


XantesFire said...

From what I found online they are saying Avengers/Invaders is a co-Dynamite production because Alex Ross did the covers. And he has some sort of exclusive contract with Dynamite.

Noone wants to see horrifying images in a horror movie? Were you drunk?

You're giving Silent Hill a thumbs up for naked kids? Ah, your inner pedophiliac is showing.

Out of Africa is a chick flick that plays on the idea of a dreamer being rescued from a dull life. Or a basic soap opera story line in movie form.

Nexus sucked as a superhero, he only did it because of his headaches, otherwise he would just stay home.