July 27, 2009

Black People Don't Podcast: Episode One


Vichus Smith said...

Karrine Stefans was a huge asshole when she was promoting that dumb book. She writes about

If anyone wants to see her in action, I think you can find her video of Mr. Marcus Vs. superhead. I think she went by the name Honey at that time.

I can't lie, it was a pretty good porn. She lives up to her nickname for sure.

BTW, Tim, how come this African-American gentleman (see, I'm trying not to say nigger too!) JD reads comments on every website except for the
site he actually contributes content for?
(My word verification was pokie. Win!)

XantesFire said...

Prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas. You have to goto a bunny ranch in a county which states that prostitution is legal, to get a hooker and be safe from the law.

Not sure but was "nigger" used in it's proper context?

Anonymous said...

Fuck Nevada! You can watch 16-year-olds strip in Rhode Island legally

Couple that with legal prostitution (indoors only) and RI has proven its usefulness to the union.

XantesFire said...

Yeah, but you can't legally have sex with them for money, so buy them dinner first.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I come back from vacation and get a new spin-off THOOM/JD show. Fuck yes!

- The Wreck Roar