August 25, 2009

Black People Don't Podcast 4: Fuck That Movie


Vichus Smith said...
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Vichus Smith said...

Tim, you keep bringing up the scene where the young alien pilots the mech suit on his own. You as how that's possible. Well, I suppose you've heard of the Onstar service, where you have a console in your car, you press a button and they know where you are and where to send help.

Also, there is a type of customer service you can get if your computer is having a problem called remote desktop where someone else can control your computer from anywhere.

Another question you bring up is the fuel that the aliens use. Yeah, there would probably be no substance that could change DNA so easily, but you act as if aliens use the same type of material we use to make cars and planes go. They're flying space vehicles and they're from another planet! Why does their gas have to be the same? Hell, their fuel may probably have originated from dead "prawns." Our gas is from fossilized animals.

vichussmith said...

BTW, JD was talking about that Precious movie. I just Saw Deja Vu starring Denzel, and the female lead was Paula Patton. To me, at least, she's a Halle Berry lookalike, and she plays a teacher in Precious aka the "laugh at the fat girl" movie. If JD's talking hot women in that movie, it doesn't get hotter than that.

XantesFire said...

Why did JD's connection get all choppy? Is that cause of dial-up?

Mariah not wanting cum on her skin but is okay to if you squirt it into her holes is something some women do.

Eminem doesn't seem to be the most stable of exes, see Kim.

The Wreck Roar said...

I totally agree with you about District 9. Average at best and most likely sub-par on successive viewings. The docu stuff was the major problem. Very dull and unengaging. The action bits were good but there wasn't enough to rectify the boring beginning. I was so dissapointed. Seeing that they were using the cinema verate style, I was expecting another visceral experience akin to Cloverfield. I was dead wrong. What makes it worse is that the majority of movie goers are praising this movie and bashing anyone who dislikes it. I understand that they feel passionate about District 9. That's great. I wish I felt the same way. But don't desparage me because I didn't see it as the cerebral film everyone deems it to be.

Rober Downing Jr. "batting his eyes like a faggot" gave me a good laugh. I wasn't even aware he was in Weird Science. I find it funny that even way back in the 80's, JD is the gay bashing bigot.

Again we agree. I felt the same way you did towards Inglourious Basterds. A little underwhelmed at first but the more I think about the film, the more I think it'll be better on subsequent viewing, much like a lot of Tarantino's work. I remember hating Death Proof initially but ended up liking it on my second watch. This will more than likely be the case with Inglourious Basterds. I highly recommend Filmspotting's review on the film. They've been going through the motions with the past dozen shows but this episode was suprisingly a return to form. They make a great argument for the film with lots of insightful points. After listening to their analysis, I wanted to watch the movie again.

The Bear Jew was originally suppose to be played by Adam Sandler. Man, that would of been so great. I think of his role as Barry Egon in Punch Drunk Love and can easily imagine him as Donny. Too bad he couldn't do it and we were left with Eli Roth's hammy performance.

I remember hearing that the mispelling of the title has something to do with Brad Pitt's character. Supposedly that's the way his character spelt Inglorious Bastards in the movie.

Sean Penn is banging Natalie Portman? Wow, good for him.

Marissa Tomei fans, eh? Well you guys should know she gets plowed doggy style by Phillip Seymour Hoffman in "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead". It's right at the very beginning for your convenience. Be warned though, PSH is just as naked as she is.

Hell yeah, Emily Blunt is, to use the British vernacular, so fuckin' fit. Plus she's a good actress too. I hope Wolf Man doesn't suck.

lol @ Tyrese being "your boy".

I thought the Legion trailer was pretty good. The effects weren't that bad and there were some pretty cool bits like the part where the old lady goes all Exorcist 3 and crawls on the ceiling. Looks like a fun siege movie to me.

The Wreck Roar said...

Brad Pitt vs Tom Cruise. Tough call but in terms of filmography, I gotta give it to Cruise. Legend is fuckin dope.

Good Brad Pitt Films
True Romance (bit role)
Seven (supporting role)
Interview with the Vampire (supporting role)
Fight Club (supporting role)
Inglourious Basterds (supporting role)

Good Tom Cruise Films
Legend (lead role)
Interview with the Vampire (supporting role)
Magnolia (supporting role)
Mission Impossible III (lead role)

And yes, I don't like Collateral, Ocean's 11, or 12 Monkeys.

I soooooo want Avatar to bomb. It'll teach that bitch Cameron to never overhype his shit ever again.

The mid point interuption was pretty funny. I like how you make the excuse that the kid usually plays his video games with the volume loud at night.

JD totally bitchslapped his supervisor. That story had me rollin. Carl the incompetent, useless, ear wax laden, 2 meal eating, stomach dragging infested with alien hatches, 34 looking like 58 year old nasty bastard got fuckin jacked.

Hey Tim, how was the Spill Party? Did you get to hang out with Korey and the gang? And were you the guy Korey mentioned on A Couple of Cold Ones a weeks ago. The guy who said the Spill Party was even better than his trip to Las Vegas and sleeping with prostitutes?

Now I'm off to listen to the Return of Kingsley. Nice!!

vichussmith said...

Who's Robert Downing Jr. Is he a famous person?

The Wreck Roar said...

Cheeky basterd

Thoom said...

Jim Cameron was off my list of directors who I was excited about after The Abyss and Titanic. No, I haven't seen either one of those movies and yes I am judging them without sitting down to watch it.

>>Hey Tim, how was the Spill Party?>>

I didn't end up going. If I hadn't been out of work for a few weeks this summer, I would have definitely went. The bills caught up to me the week of Spill Party.

>>I totally agree with you about District 9. Average at best and most likely sub-par on successive viewings. >>

Wreck Roar,

I always look forward to you magazine feature length articles
on JD's performances and insightful comments on the show.
But stood out. I found it to be a brilliant and spot on critique of the the motion picture "District 9".