August 26, 2009

BPDP 5: Return of the Kings


Anonymous said...

Dude, get over it.

XantesFire said...

Yes, you did. You let them use racial slurs until they used the one that insulted you personally. They could say anything they want until it was you.

A guy like Kingslee disturbs me. To be his friend you have to always watch his back? Depends on what kind of friend he is. A friend, "Tom", had gone clubbing with a friend of his, "Jerry", after a few minutes Jerry started attacking some random guy. A few of his friends began attacking Jerry, so Tom jumped in. The bouncers broke it up and Tom and Jerry ran out. Tom asked him what it was about. Jerry showed him a necklace and said that guy had just stolen his necklace and he jumped him fast cause he knew Tom had his back. Of course when they got to Jerry's car they found Jerry's generic italian horn necklace on the dashboard.

There are more than you would think that believe slavery is good for black folk.

Thoom said...

>>Yes, you did.>>

Yes, I did what?

>>You let them use racial slurs until they used the one that insulted you personally.>>

I admitted I was wrong on that point on the show recording, Dectective Holmes.

>>They could say anything they want until it was you.>>

No, not anything. But 'spic' and 'wiggers' twice each. The second time, I was ready to say something, and he added that nigger in with it for free. So there you go.

I didn't see that episode of Tom and Jerry.

Vichus Smith said...

Three cheers for Kingslee! Since he's back I have nothing negative or accusatory to say about him- until he stops coming on the podcast again.

Is that a picture of a young KRS-One?

I think that if the backwards white guys were sayind "spic" and "wigger" all night, Tim might have stayed at the party, had a good time.

The Wreck Roar said...

I only seen one Eli Roth movie, Hostel 2, and it sucked ass. I don't mind the exploitative violence but that movie had no characterization. I don't give a shit what happens to these people if they're not written properly. I will say this though, his Thanksgiving trailer for Grindhouse was good.

I wonder what JD would have done if he was with you during that party.

That Cat People song in Inglourious Basterds didn't bother me at all. That's vintage Tarantino. He always pulling stuff like that in his films.

You and Kingsley know way too much about the Twilight series.

Nice! JD and Kingsley on the same show again. I think this only happened one other time and it made for an entertaining episode. Though for some reason it seemed like JD was holding back and not being as aggresive as he usually is. Kingsley has a strange effect on him.