August 3, 2009

BPDP 2: "Do You Know Who I Am?"

Tim and JD talk movies, comic books and bitterness.

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XantesFire said...

Transformers was very cool visually, storywise sucked, human idiotic hijinks made it near impossible to watch.

How did JD get kicked off Facebook? I've posted naked pix and just got a temporary block.

Please, too many times Christians think a movie is good just cause it has god or Jesus in it. Like Passion of the Christ, Left Behind and Fireproof.

So what Colossus is gay? I thought it showed perfectly what a holier than thou christian is like when Nightcrawler snubs Colossus when he outs himself. What I find disturbing is JD picturing penetrating steel cock in men's assholes.

Anonymous said...

Emily Blunt > Scarlett Johanson. She was rumored to play Widow a year ago and I would take her over Scarlett any day. One, she can actually act. Johanson is awful in almost everything she's in. Match Point instantly comes to mind. And two, Blunt is so fucking hot. Would've been so good to see her in that black leather outfit. Damn! Missed opportunity.

James accusing Vichus of being gay had me in stitches. Just the sincere shock in his voice and not being able to grasp how Vichus can't appreciate random pictures of woman on his site. "That dude sound kinda gay. Random Women? I mean that's gay. He don't like females."

Even though Transformers blows, it's way better than Armageddon and The Rock. And Azkaban fucking rules. Alfonso Cauron, Gary Oldman, slick transitions, gorgeous photography, evocative score, and tight direction are just a few reasons why this film stands out. I can see people having a problem with the general premise but c'mon you can't deny the movie is great on a technical level.

I thought Naomit Watts was married to Sabertooth. Not Scarlet Johanson. Are you getting your girls mixed up?

Thank you! X-Men Evolution seriously sucked ass. The art style alone is so unappealing.

I'm getting so sick of all this Avatar fluffing coming from the studio. Stop claiming that this is gonna be the second coming and show us some footage. James Cameron isn't even the great director that most deem him to be. Terminator and Terminator 2 were good for their time but they aren't sci-fi classics. Nostalgia can only go so far. And after that, it was diminishing returns. True Lies is average. Titanic is the biggest case of the "morning after" effect. Everyone drank the kool-aid and bought the hype when it first came out but you look it now, and you realize it's a long-winded pile of shit.

JD Vampire Erotica? Holy shit, that bitch who wrote those Twilight novels totally aped your ideas. You should track her down and teach her a lesson. Of course, only after you hunt down Vichus and that facebook cunt.

Jamie Kennedy's one great movie is Scream. Love that movie. In fact, it's probably Matthew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich, and Neve Campbell's one great movie as well. Here's hoping the upcoming remake? /sequel? turns out good.

James, you should just read that graphic novel at the store. You read a whole book there, so a graphic novel shouldn't be a problem.

What did you think of Public Enemies. I saw it too and was underwhelmed. Way too long. That bitch needs an editor badly.

That Civil War Thoom episode was classic, dude. One of my favs.

Some other moments that gave me a laugh.
"Male prostitutes; your scedules do run differently."
"So your ass did go, you butt-plugger faggot. I bet you gave him some ass that night, too."

Great stuff as usual. And that's awesome that you listen to the Spill podcasts. Like you and JD, those guys provide some very fun shows. They even had an access show once just like you guys.

Anonymous said...

<< What I find disturbing is JD picturing penetrating steel cock in men's assholes.>>


- The Wreck Roar

XantesFire said...

Watch this, better story, less idiotic hijinks.

What's wrong with Titanic? It was a good comedy.

Vichus Smith said...

If you want good robot action, watch Mecha anime. For me, the problem was that the action in Transformers wasn't cool enough. I haven't watched the second one, but they seem to have the same problem with making the transformers recognizable during a fight. You would think they would get something right.

Now let's get to this episode. Tim, I think you need to stop having negroes on the show. First it was Kingslee with his heterosexual christian nonsense, then it was JD with his awful website AND his poor attempts to shun his love of metal cock.

I don't know about Xantes. What the fuck are you? If you're Dominican, we'll call you black too, and I don't want you on the show either.

XantesFire said...

Aw, that hurt, Vichus, I'm not Dominican, I'm a Puerto Rican mutt.

Hey, was it my imagination or did JD not even once say, "nigger".

vichussmith said...

I swear I heard it once. That might have been phantom racial slur syndrome, though. Maybe he gave JD a "talking to."

XantesFire said...

Nah, I think Thoom did a lot of editing.