August 2, 2009

Epsiode 99: Corpse On Display


Thoom said...

To clear up comments made on the show about the (fictional) story of Jonah Hex's Corpse.

In the last issue of Jonah Hex, after he was shot and killed in 1904, his body was stuffed and put on display in some type of Museum.
This is the story T-Mafia relates on the show.

In a later issue of "Secret Origins", a wrap around story was written to intro a story about Hex's early years. It was set in the 80s, and by this time the body was placed in some haunted house, mistaken to be a fake cowboy zombie corpse. It was knocked down and came apart, and discovered to the horror of the carny worker to be a real corpse.

This is the story that I think was 'inspired' by the real life event in the 1970s, where a cowboy corpse found on a location shoot of the TV show "The Six Million Dollar Man".

Vichus Smith said...

I would also like to clear up an issue. The Trenchcoat Mafia/ Peter Rios fight has been going on (one-sidedly) for quite a while.

With my skills as an extremely amateur psychologist, I would like to explain why this division amongst podcasters happened.

Both Trenchcoat and Rios are Type-C personalities. (The C stands for child fucker) The difference, though is while T-Mafia chains extremely underage girls in his basement for purposes of abuse, Peter Rios takes the more mainstream approach of stalking teenagers at high schools across the country, using his tap dancing career as cover.

T-Mafia is jealous of Rios' success as a sexual lawbreaker and this jealously came to a head when Trenchcoat tried to promote his show on The Comic Forums.

Since Trenchcoat doesn't have one ounce of wholesome aroma left on his person, Rios knew that he had to get rid of T-Mafia and made up some bullshit rule about promotion- because the site belongs to CGS after all.

I hope this was informative and enlightening.

XantesFire said...

Wait a sec, just cause a person looks at adult stuff doesn't mean they give up childish things. I used to sneak into my uncle's room and look at his porn mags and I still liked reading Richie Rich and Memin Pinguin.

I think the reason the Martian Manhunter wasn't so popular was cause he seemed too black and Americans, at the time weren't ready for that.

Jeff Loeb was part of the reason Lost started to stink. And that his son died, and it inspired a comic done by many "artists" like Rob Liefeld makes me sick.

Cowboy Corpse.

I've forgotten how bad Dean Cain is, Tom Welling has blacked out the dark times Lois & Clark from my memory.

20 bucks for a cd? That's why you gotta game Columbia House.

Ok, Courtney can't get a Spock haircut, she needs to have long hair for ponytails.

Anonymous said...

I would take Dean Cain and Ms. Desperate Housewives today over Smallville. They would have to be fucking Earth 2 since they're not in their prime now, but I didn't mind Lois & Clark at all.

Yeah, I'm saying this without watching it recently. I think I just liked that there was finally a dude who could actually fit the suit with his actual muscles. So what if he's not a good actor?

Quick! Rank all the Superman actors you've seen in terms of acting talent. I guess I'm going with Christopher Reeves at the top and last place goes to the 40 year old Smallville guy.

XantesFire said...

If all it takes to be Superman is to be muscular, Tom Welling could probably fill out a Superman suit if he didn't think he was above it. He was an underwear model before Smallville. You would think they would had realized actors who think they are above a role suck at the role they play, like Voyager's Chakotay or the first Superboy

I choose George Reeves.

Anonymous said...

Oh shit, why you coming down on Chakotay? He was rocking the tribal face tat before Mike Tyson ever did! :)

I just haven't seen enough of George Reeves to judge him.

Oh, you can also include Ben Affleck as a Superman. Technically he did play him

XantesFire said...

Chakotay was a good character in theory, the actor's boredom and annoyance with the character bleeds out of his pores.

T Mafia said...

T-Mafia is jealous of Rios' success as a sexual lawbreaker

Nah, I figure that since he's only raping all the little boys out there, it's okay.