August 19, 2009

Episode 102: You Ain't One of the Love People

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XantesFire said...

Superman is probably nervous about having a baby girl, he's constantly stating his incestuous thoughts about Supergirl, who knows what'll happen to Daddy's girl.

Kryptonite nukes? Gee, what could they possibly use them for? Maybe for when a phantom zone criminal escapes and is able to defeats Superman, the US can be prepared. Or for when Superman has one of his bouts of evil and the only chance is the US army.

What kind of people have you been kissing? I sometimes like kissing girls with my eyes open, especially if my hands are wandering around.

It's an imaginary story, they probably were gauging the readers to see if they wanted the story to continue at a latter date. Or if Super-Lass was popular enough to bring her mainstream, sort of like they did Supergirl.

But the story sucked too much. The readers like myself probably couldn't see Superman abandoning Lois and her child just cause he got ugly. If anything I would think he would take his family and live life out on an alien planet where his looks didn't matter.