August 28, 2009

Episode 104: "Don't Do It, Archie."


XantesFire said...

A bland vanilla comedian who just wants people talking about her, meh, who cares.

Archie first appeared in Pep Comics in 1940, Pep ended in '87. Archie the comic has been published since '42, I think it used to be quarterly at first then later bi-monthly and then monthly.

Of course most comic stores aren't gonna carry Archies, They'll carry the big two cause it's profitable, but Archies you can get them at any convenient store and usually has no real long term value.

Days before the announcement I was speculating that Betty would be chosen.

Does that mean I can get sued for using Archie as the guy who converts Doom?

Hello, there are gay undertones all over Archie comics, especially when done by Al Hartley. You should remember.

Dilton is a well liked nerd who is part of the popular kids clique and hangs out with the toughest guy in school. There's atleast one story where he decided not to skip some grades because he has before and if he did again, he wouldn't be able to stay with his friends and help Moose study.

I've worked at Saks 5th ave, sometimes the venders throw some really wild parties for the buyers.
I can see Betty becoming an alcoholic slut after a few months.

They gotta say "Spiffany", they are trying to avoid the same kinds of lawsuits they hit people with.

How is it sexist? Betty has a dream of being with the boy she has always loved.

I always thought Archie would become a mormon and marry them both. I wish I could write that fanfic.

Moose in Staten Island, Midge in Baton Rouge? After years of being under her oppressive boyfriend, I see Midge becoming the town slut. 24/7, wide open.

Redhead, must be Cheryl Blossom. She's a sluttier version of Veronica. Too slutty for Archie comics.

Stones or the Pussycats, makes sense. Either a big group or her favorite local group. And why put them down for performing at their own prom? Bet the Stones would have if they could have.

Isn't the bride's maiden name used on wedding invites cause she's not married yet, regardless of how she renames herself or not, later.

T Mafia said...

Tim, you're slipping! I don't think you said anything at all about District 9 in this one...

XantesFire said...

Shhh, Ix-nay on-ay e-thay istrict-day ine-nay. Stick with the real subject on hand, poor Betty.