August 16, 2009

Episode -3: Sex Mask


T Mafia said...

Hey Tim, is this one really online just "for a limited time"? I ask because I don't wanna link to it on the PCX sidebar if I'm gonna have to take the link right back down anyway.

XantesFire said...

What? You're gonna vanish this post? Then why comment here? I'll be in the forum.

Vichus Smith said...

Tim's word of the day: anthropomorphic

Trenchcoat, I'm surprised that you've known Tim for this long and you don't know that he's the worst self-promoter in the history of podcasting. "Tim318's podcast"

Yeah, that's just one example of Tim not wanting to be heard by more than 5 people. At least he had the sense to use a blog site and not design one himself. It would have probably looked like JD's site, the work of s schizophrenic 5 year old.

BTW You should just call your collective the "Podcasters of Doom" Maybe you can even get Antifanboy to get off their asses and do more podcasts. All they do is play Street Fighter IV, drink, go to other people's weddings, and twitter. They're not the ruthless murderers they used to be.

T Mafia said...

"Tim318's podcast" is only the second worst thing anyone's ever called their show; Bruce Rosenberger still wins that one, even if he couldn't think of a way to put a third "K" like I'm sure he wanted to into "KomicsKast".

Anonymous said...

Trenchcoat, I must go to America before I turn 18!
Sooner, if you let me see what you look like.

And that "sex mask" joke was my brother's idea. Except he called it the cure for aging.

T Mafia said...

Your brother's right. A lot of these older bitches really would be better off just putting a bag over their heads. It'd be a lot less work than constantly ladling on make-up with a trowel, after all.