September 10, 2009

Episode 107: Up The Ante


Vichus Smith said...

After you diss me for just sharing some goodness with you via electronic mail, I might have to side with your off-and-on-friend, JD the Creepy Stalker.

I wasn't saying you called District 9 racist. I sent it to you because you love discussing the film so much.

XantesFire said...

Fury being blackmailed? And him paying it? That don't seem like Nick Fury.

Superman don't gotta go. Writers like Dan Jurgen gotta go, he may have done a decent Flash Gordon, decades ago but almost all his stories just seem like a rip off something recent.

Like that would teach him anything? Damien has trained with the League of Assassins. He's used to getting beaten up. So Dick decided to use the truth to mock him.