September 24, 2009

Episode 108: Church of the Subgenius


T Mafia said...

The Mark Waid issues (the first 16) of the current Brave and the Bold were pretty good. The best one was the Flash/Doom Patrol story, but the funniest moments in the run were in the Batman/Legion team-up where Brainiac 5 treats Batman like the retarded caveman he is and the Green Lantern/Supergirl issue in which Hal struggles with his lust for the new, temptingly underage Supergirl.

XantesFire said...

Golden, doesn't appear to be talking about slavery, more like she wants to avoid a mundane life.

Why you pissed at me for telling the truth? I didn't even say it mocking or anything bad.

So the X-men have their own black ops section, seems like the Israeli's Mossad. I always hated when Marvel tried to jew up the mutants. Downtrodden, hated, feared and when anyone could have a mutant child. It's not another race to hate, it is potentially your offspring that will be the upgrade. How can you hate that if your kid can fly or be a whole football team by himself? That's why I like X-Statix, they showed how mutants would be treated in the real world. A commodity.

Oh please, Jarvis knows what kind of dick Tony can be. He'll deny Jarvis' request by stating his "pull up by bootstraps" libertarianism or he'll have Jarvis do some demeaning favor.

Because that was the old version where Superman was so paranoid about covering his secret identity that he had to be a wimp. Where Superman was so paranoid, he needed a bully like Lombard so much that when Lombard got killed by an assassin, Superman had the assassin cosmetically changed and hypnotize him to forget his old life and filled him with all of Lombard's memories so he could replace Lombard. Lombard on the other hand didn't do that kind of stuff out of hatred, he thought of Clark as one of his closest friends and thought that's how you were with friends.

Why are you against things "dating" a comic? At the time when it was written the topics in the comic were the "now". They weren't written as let's "date" ourselves but as let's write about something interesting "now". Sort of like when a certain podcaster mentions Michael Jackson's death, he might not mean to "date" himself but he's just bringing up topics that are "now", but by tomorrow it'll be "dated" and then you can even say it's retro.

Avengers "date" themselves all the time cause they like to bring up the "now", like NBC's David Letterman or mentioning 9-11.

Howard the duck seems "dated" to you cause it's a comic about, at the times of writing, "today's" issues and topics.

It's dark, cause it's absurd, it's a parody religion. Even though I am seen as green and no longer pink by the Church of the Subgenius, I still find it really confusing.

As I understand it, underage laws are there in order to protect the child. Supergirl is invulnerable, therefore needs no protection, therefore Hal should just do her. Problem I see here though is her hymen is also invulnerable.

Krpytonite condom? Might kill her and I don't think Hal is into necrophilia. Vacation under a red sun? But then she's not invulnerable and that loophole is gone. Bust her cherry while horse riding? Is Comet the Superhorse part of the present continuity?
Have her cousin break her in? Hot, but awkward.

T Mafia said...

Problem I see here though is her hymen is also invulnerable.

I'm thinking Hal's ring is powerful enough to slice right through that so he can fuck her. It's not like her hymen's yellow or anything.

XantesFire said...

I don't know, as far as I know Hal's ring can't even cut kryptonian hair, can it pierce a membrane? Guess she can't get pregnant either. Her eggs would be invulnerable too, to tough for weakling human sperm.