October 20, 2009

Black People Don't Podcast 10:"He Ain't Wrong, But He Ain't Right"


Vichus Smith said...

Tim I have suggestions for a next conversation on your wonderful show, 'Black People Don't Podcast.'

1. Would you bang Tracy Morgans (now ex-) wife? I'm more asking this because of the wrath of Tracy Morgan, not because she looks good or not.

2. What do you think of the Wendy Williams talk show?

If you're interested, don't let your opinions fly here. I would rather hear you talk about it on the show.

The Wreck Roar said...

I like that you scoff at the notion of Steve Martin being funny. When was he ever?

JD stopped mid sentence from saying nigger. Look what you did Tim. You broke him.

You guys bashing Amy Poeller makes me want to bang her even more. Just for the conquest.

I'm not even remotely a Will Ferrell fan but Land of the Lost was surprisingly decent.

The white figure appearing into frame out of nowhere and walking towards it's victim with the hedge clippers in Exorcist 3 was one of the most effective jump scares I've seen.

In one of your past shows you guys mentioned how Spielberg is really a bland director and the only reason people hold him in such high esteem is because he happened to be in the right place at the right time. To this, I say THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH. I'm so glad other people besides me see through the bullshit and tell it as it is. I don't have a problem with people who dig Spielberg's work if they genuinely like him. But too often people praise Spielberg out of nostalgia or to conform with the masses. This type of thinking perpetuates bullshit notions like "Spielberg is a classic director." Fucking disgusting.

And just so that I don't come off like I agree with everything you guys say, I really disliked the Watchmen movie. Thought the script was too faithful to the more pedandic aspects of the graphic novel and that it should of developed more of the meaningful plot threads of the series like Ozymandious.

vichussmith said...

"King Tut" is dumb and so are those "Oh no, I've got to many kids" fucking movies, but no one should deny "The Jerk"

As for Will Ferrel, you got won over by Land of the Lost? Not Old School or Anchorman?

The Wreck Roar said...

Like I said, I was completely surprised at how watchable Land of the Lost was. To me, it worked as more of an adventure flick than a comedy. That's not to say there weren't any funny moments. Did you see it? If so, what did you think?

As for Old School or Anchorman; not my type of comedy. Too fratboyish for me.

vichussmith said...

No, I will probably never intentionally watch "Land of The Lost," unless it's being played as an in-flight movie.

Well, Old School is literally a frat movie, but I never saw Anchorman in that light. Anyway, Ferrell had some of his best moments in those movies.