October 23, 2009

Episode 115: Kids Are Assholes Part 2


XantesFire said...

Aliens Vs. Predator movie was ripped off, pretty much, from Aliens Vs. Predator the comic book. Which was way better.

This is weird, Thoom arguing on the side of less reality in comics?

Thoom said...

>>They never really had race struggles in Mexico>>

You are right. There was no struggle. It's worse. The Mexicans of African descent are apparently defeated, as the uncontested presence of Memin signifies.

>>The US had a black racism issue, Mexico, no.>>

Mexico had slavery, until the blacks fought back. This was a very long time ago.

>>Memin looks like a caricature of Gary Coleman.>>

Gary Coleman had an exaggerated look (puffy cheeks, stunted growth) due to health problems. He was sick*. Thank you for making my point that Memin's creators and Mexican readers think that the only blacks in the Memin comics should be represented by a grossly exaggerated or "sick" looking black child and his "Mammy". (She looked this way into the 60s, 70s and 80s!)

I'd also like to add that even a good caricature artist wouldn't add the white lips and monkey ears to a caricature drawing of Gary Coleman.

* Gary's success in the 70s wasn't only because of his look, of course. He came across as a bold, sassy and smart 7 year old because he was actually a teenager, who looked 7. He also had moxie and talent back then, which sold it. TV studios and the Colemans took advantage of this to make money. I'd like to point out that Gary was a hit on American TV in the 70s, which only accepted exaggerated race stereotypes or exaggerated images of blacks, which means Xantes comparison of Memin to the unusual looking Gary Coleman further proves MY point.

XantesFire said...

Actually no, the slave history of Mexico was far different from the US, most of their slave population were the indigenous indians of that area. Since their slavery involved blacks, brown and even a few whites, they didn't really have race issues. They have class issues. It's rich against poor.

So what's wrong with using Gary Coleman as a model for a cartoon.
Exaggerated looks have been used for a long time in cartoons. Does Betty Boop's head look human to you?

Okay, yes Gary Coleman's success in America was because of the stereotyping, again in America, not Mexico.

My captcha word is SICKSIM.

Thoom said...

Exaggerated looks have been used for a long time in cartoons. Does Betty Boop's head look human to you?>>

You're using a retarded person's tactic for debating: Pretending like I didn't make a valid point a thousand times. Nothing wrong wih exaaggeration if 1) the black people don't look like monkeys and 2) the black people (or any one race) isn't the only exaggerated character in the strip.

Franklin from Peanuts is a caricature. But he doesn't look like an inhuman animal. And all the other characters in Peanuts are caricatures with the same oversized heads.

Your argument for caricture in Memin is invalid because no character is a caricature except for the black people. The mammy isn't even a caricature: she is a woman who dresses like a slave in the 70s and 80s. Memin isn't a caricature of a boy because he is a caricature of a monkey. He has an animal's nose. I already made that point, but yet you pretend like you never I didn't write that before. You sound like those Klansmen in the 90s trying to the modernize Klaninto contemporary society. you have no point. You are as bad as Bruce Rosenberg.

XantesFire said...
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XantesFire said...

Now you revert to name calling? You haven't made a valid point about Memin being racist in Mexico. You tried to quote some Mexican guy's blog to back you up, I pointed out that he wasn't speaking against Memin, he was explaining he understands why Americans think it's racist and he pointed out why it's not racist and why Memin is a beloved character in Mexico. Since you missed those points entirely I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you keep missing mine in order to push your agenda.

Exaggerated looks have been in cartoons for a long time. Betty Boops' head looks like a slice of white bread. Henry, white monkey looking kid. Color him black and I bet it would be racist to you.

I explained that sometimes the main character(s) in comics is the only different looking character. Like Condorito, sure the other characters are caricatures, so they one step further and made the main character an anthromophized condor. Or like Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and Scooby are more cartoonish that the rest of the gang.

Franklin was invented in the US in 1968, of course he's not gonna look exaggerated. 1-He's drawn by Charles Shultz, basically all his characters' head are circles with dots for eyes, a "c" for a nose, curves for an expressive mouth and hair. If not for the hair you couldn't tell them apart. 2-Wait, why bother, just look at 1 again. (Note, Franklin's image looks like it in the back and his image doesn't touch any others like Sally does, and Woodstock looks like he might drop one right over him. Significant? You do the conspiracy.)

No,it's valid because other black people, besides his mom, in the Memin strips looked normal.

I think you meant 1800's when you said 70's and 80's. Remind me, Civil War ended in 1865, right. No slaves in 1870's, unless they liked it.

Actually no, you could say she dressed like a slave from the US south, but you could also say she dresses as a working woman or a lady cleaning. She has a dress, an apron and head covering, people been dressing up like that to do work since aprons. Her outfit says hard working and motherly at the same time. I guess because of your time as a slave you just see her as a slave. I've explain before, she is much more and so did that Mexican guy on his blog.

Memin was created in a place that doesn't consider his looks racist and at a time when the nearby racist country didn't even think it was racist.

That's why people put more sunscreen on their noses, your nose burns/darkens more than the rest of you. Not sure if that's why the artist made his nose darker than the rest of him. But that what happens to my father when he works in the sun for long periods of time. Something about noses protruding more into the sun that the rest of a persons' face. And my father has a small nose, but it still gets burnt.

I haven't denied that he looks monkeyish, that's not the point that needs to be made. I agree with you that yes, according to the American way, circa now, it is racist. But back in the 40's, no. In Mexico in the 40's and now, no, they don't consider it racist.

So stop pointing out the stuff I agree with you, and try to argue my main point that is- Memin is not racist in Mexico.

What's "modernize Klaninto contemporary society"? Whatever, but in no way can I be associated with Klansmen. I like interracial sex. I don't like wearing white. I don't like hanging out in the middle of a field at night with a bunch of guys, too gay for me. I don't want the south to rise again. I would never burn down a church with 4 little black girls in it. I would get the little girls out first then burn the church down.

The Wreck Roar said...

I really liked Batman & Robin #3. Good villain in Professor Pyg who manages to be demented and charismatic at the same time.

AVP:R is an entertaining movie. Not high cinema but enjoyable still. Doom however, is a boring piece of shit. Too much ineffective generic attempts at characterization and not enough fun action like AVP:R.

Holy shit, is Damien part asian? Nice insight, Downcast. I didn't even realize it. That makes him a little more appealing. It's like the time I found out the kid from Up is asian.

Line of the show: "Why you whispering, Batman?" - Timmy Thoom

Had me crackin up.