October 11, 2009

Episode 113: The Power of Prayer


Vichus Smith said...

"It's evolution baby!" Damn, I still love that song.

T Mafia said...

And since it's that time of year once more, as Dodgers fan Tim prepares for his team to O.D. on their steroids (Hi, Manny!) and let him down again:


Anonymous said...

Oh god, not you too. Baseball fever is just unavoidable.

XantesFire said...

Did you tell him about Lisa?

What movie company is gonna let a bunch of religious nuts storm on to their set and discuss politics?

They are probably referring to the prints found in Glen Rose, Texas. Debunked. There's even more creationists fossil pleading on the site.

Bahai, is that the religion that believes in all other religions?

Baseball and Dinosaurs