October 11, 2009

Episode 112: "...what a waste."


T Mafia said...

For some reason, this episode reminded me of a gender-reversed version of the last scene in Looking for Mr. Goodbar. Not that I'm implying that any woman that would have to resort to using a dating service to get laid must be some kind of psycho lunatic-- Oh, wait. That's exactly what I'm saying.

Vichus Smith said...

Hey, Tim, do you put your Windows CD in your DVD-Rhames? Ha, I love that this well spoken kid's gonna bug your ass over your "verbal shortcomings" That way, I don't have to- and I get to laugh hysterically.

vichussmith said...

plentyoffish.com is totally free, but it does have a fucking sloppy site design. JD would love it!

Hey Tim, when you gonna tackle these "indie darlings" like cerebus strangers in paradise, or those creator owned works.

Also, bring on some fucking manga.

Thoom said...

I hate Strangers In Paradise, another example of media that tries to convince that the only way to show "strong" female characters is to emasculate the american male.

Here's my Cerebus review: wordy and boring.

Fuck Manga. And anime too. Even though I like Elfen Lied.

But since downcast is on the show, I may do some manga.

Thoom said...

Oh yeah, T-Mafia F you, man. I met a really nice lady from the geek2geek site. Who doesn't want to see me anymore.

But the points are, 1) what is the diff between meeting a woman thru a dating site and meeting in real life at a bar club or church? And, 2) which is better: consenting adults meeting through the interweb or the T-Mafia way of luring primary school girls into your car with candy?

vichussmith said...

I really hope you get knifed by a Japanese man, Tim.

How the fuck is the American Male emasculated by women in SIP? There's like one main dude in it, and the rest of them are like mafia killers and shit. I don't get people who are down on SiP. (I see you, T Mafia)

Oh you like Elfen Lied? (I bet Trenchcoat liked it for the naked children and the pissing) Fucking anime is full of all that crazy shit, so how do you get off dismissing it? Ditto for manga.

Maybe I should talk to Downcast instead- a true voice of reason and logic. Better yet, at least if I ask Trenchcoat to do it, he might review some stuff jsut to piss all over it.

You've got cable, right Tim? Check out this anime they just put on called Monster. Just a peek.

vichussmith said...

I went on Geek2Geek, too. It's a fucking desert there. When it comes to geek, I feel sometimes it's better to not date your own kind. Girls who aren't geeks may not be great to talk to, but at least they've seen the inside of a gym.

Thoom said...

I am getting way more feedback from the non geek sites, but it is not fair to stereotype geek bitches as pigs. There are some nice ones on the site. The woman I met, for instance was very cute. But she was more of a music fan, not a "real" geek. I think she'd only been to a Star Trek Con once.

vichussmith said...

Well, geek2geek didn't impress me. I HATE when people don't get their pictures up there, and Geek2Geek has a few of them.

I'm not a fucking model either, but, like most horrible people, I want to date a bit above my water level.

OR I just go on online booty call and contact slutty chicks.

T Mafia said...

what is the diff between meeting a woman thru a dating site and meeting in real life at a bar club or church?

A bar bitch will pass out drunk before you get her home. A club bitch will give you whatever STDs she has. A church bitch is either a lesbian in denial or only wants to fuck the minister.

And Vichus, Strangers in Paradise should just be called "Love and Rockets for Dummies"

vichussmith said...

Well, I didn't read Love and Rockets, so I guess we'll just agree to disagree for now.

XantesFire said...

What's wrong with Manga? Try Lone Wolf and Cub. This movie series was based on the long running manga story line. Some of the stuff is taken directly from the comics. It's about a ronin and his son on the path for vengeance.

The only "Stranger in Paradise" I remember reading was something about a girl on her period. And it wasn't the sexy Japanese period type thing.

Again you claim you like when movies "date" themselves. Why don't you like it when comics do the same?

Yahoo chat isn't elaborated, just annoying. Before you used to be able to find some freaky females there, now it's all spam bots, Africans asking for money and gay middle-easterns.

Good thing about picking up females on the internet is usually you're already past the "are we gonna fuck" stage, when you go meet her.

A drawback of the internet age is smart females I would meet at libraries don't bother going to the libraries anymore.

vichussmith said...

It's "Strangers in Paradise" "Stranger in Paradise" is the unauthorized biography of "Trenchcoat Mafia"



I know 'Strangers' had poetry in it and people are talking about their feelings, but to see women getting fucked up, shot at, their heads blown off, chubby lesbians, it's all good.

Again, just a difference of opinion here.

T Mafia said...

"...women getting fucked up, shot at, their heads blown off..."

Well okay, apparently SiP had a few good points...