October 26, 2009

Episode 117: Halloween '73


pyrothemaniac said...

Story-song? You mean a ballad?


Thoom said...

You kids and your damned extensive vocabulary.

T Mafia said...

I know it's hard to believe, but rumor has it that schools in Australia (unlike here) actually teach their kids stuff.

XantesFire said...

While going to a trade school in Oklahoma, I went to a club meeting of native Americans at the school. Half were blonde, none looked vaguely indian. None were more than 1/4 indian and they claimed they were treated badly by everyone because they were half-breeds. Bunch of whinny rednecks.

I rather die in a plane crash, even if it's your fault, you don't seen that stupid. Hitting a tree while skiing, you're just a dumb ass.

Wait? Light out in Georgia's not about a blackout and sex? I should listen to lyrics. It seems Reba reconned it so it was the brother taking the blame on purpose to free his sister.

The Lottery

You didn't like Fight Club because you didn't guess the ending? Can you atleast pretend to be consistent? Other times you hate a movie because you guessed the ending before the ending. And because he turns out to be schizo? One of the points is that the men follow him even though he's crazy because he makes sense, making it a commentary on how crazy our world is if the insane make sense.

He's a living vampire because his heart beats.

Thoom said...

>>You didn't like Fight Club because you didn't guess the ending?>>

[christucker]Were you hearing the words that were coming out of my mouth?,[/christucker]

I didn't say I hated 'Fight Club' because I couldn't guess the "twist". I just didn't like the twist. It didn't need that kind of twist.

I asked T-Mafia if he could see the twist coming because it seemed like he did, the way he was talking.

The insane thing in FC may have worked for you, but it didn't work for me.
And no, there was no gaffe in Tyler Durden's 's appearances (except maybe the scene where Norton's character hears Tyler fucking the girl and he doesn't experience any of that)
I just don't like the ,schizoid man' idea in that movie, or in Angel Heart. It sucks in any movie.

T Mafia said...

I asked T-Mafia if he could see the twist coming because it seemed like he did, the way he was talking.

It did? Nah, and in fact anyone who claims they did see it coming is a filthy liar. Unless they read the book. Well, assuming the book has the same twist.

XantesFire said...

Yeah, sounded like you're saying you didn't like the ending because you didn't see it coming then you changed the subject and said you're annoyed with the mental problems twist.

It was a great ending, to find out that everything was put into motion by an insane person. How would you have ended it?

T Mafia said...

Hey, Tim was the one who hated the ending and, in fact, the whole movie! I wouldn't even change the ending, except I'd probably take out the still of the spliced-in cock; okay, I get it - Ed Norton-as-Brad-Pitt did that to movies, and we're watching a movie, but sometimes "breaking the fourth wall" is a stupid thing to do and just takes your audience out of the film altogether.

XantesFire said...

I meant Tim.

T Mafia said...

Oh, okay; since he's not answering then, I think he just doesn't want to admit to liking Fight Club because "everybody else" likes it.

XantesFire said...

Since Tim stops answering/arguing back, the proper conclusion is I've won. And if you check back thru the comments I can conclude I've won so many times.

Thoom said...


I've gone back and forth with you many times. It's like going in circles. Like downcast, you only "win" because you've exhausted your opponent, not because your are right.

Which is why you ultimately lose.

XantesFire said...

We go around in circles because I keep rebutting you and you keep missing the point. Such as the argument on "Is Memin racist in Mexico." (see comments on episode 115.)

In the argument "Is Memin racist in Mexico", I have supplied you with overwhelming evidence and rebutted your evidence, yet you only use your unsupported belief to prove your point. It's much like arguing the existent of gods with believers. No matter the evidence their belief trumps all.

If I keep showing you the evidence of spectrum analysis on air, show you pictures, give you eye witnesses reports, give you poll results, show you kindergarten pictures, point out the sky and say it's usually blue, but you believe it's red with green polka dots, does that make you win just because you say it's red with green polka dots? Course not, it just makes you dense.

Thoom said...

No, you CLAIM that you are showing me evidence. There is only one piece of evidence that I need to prove that Memin is supported and created by racially insensitive people: The image of the Memin character.

If Mexicans wanna be racist in their own country, I could care less. When they bring that shit over here, they are gonna hear about it.

You SAY Memin looks just like Gary Coleman. You are basically saying that black peole look like monkeys. You SAY Mexicans aren't racist. You haven't proven anything.

I am sure white south africans claimed that they treated black south africans fairly during apartheid, also. Some white racists rationalize their actions too. You remind me of them when I read your ramblings.

XantesFire said...

No, I have shown you evidence before, check episode 115's comments. I have also shown it is not racial insensitive, like in the U.S, it's they don't have those same racial barriers as we've had them.

Okay, if you want to protest okay, but try to understand the situation better.

I never said Memin looks just like Gary Coleman, I said he looks like a cariculture of Memin. Black people don't just look like apes, alot of humans do, we are evolutionary similar including some facial appearances, some more so that others. I also pointed out the Henry strip, white human looking ape boy. I asked if he was black would he then be racist?

I have proven that by showing you their history. Try googling it, usually all you find under "Mexican", "racial" or words similar is the racial clashes in the U.S, or the upset that is happening now between the general Mex population and the "indios".

Really? You're still just gonna try to insult me by comparing me to the Klan or racist South Africans? I didn't say there's no divide in Mexico, but their divide is financial. If you got money in Mexico you can get away with alot. If you're poor you have a harder time. I'm not rationalizing their racist behavior, I'm showing you that it doesn't exist as you know it.

Hmmm, my Cap word is "trings, perhaps a combo of "tiring" and "trying"?

T Mafia said...

"You SAY Memin looks just like Gary Coleman. You are basically saying that black people look like monkeys."

But Tim, by that connection you made right there, you yourself just implied that Gary Coleman looks like a monkey!

Granted, he does have about the same level of acting talent as your average monkey...well, maybe a retarded monkey...

XantesFire said...

Oops, I meant that Memin looks like a cariculture of Gary Coleman, not the other way around.

Thoom said...

That "all human are monkeys" answer is just like saying "Yes I call black people Spades, but a spade is a tool, and many people of all races are tools"

Memin and his mom are the only stereotypes and caricatures I see on the covers. All of his friends and enemies are draw to look like humans in the modern era, not apes or mammies from the 1800s. If you gotta go into the evolution argument I already know you are grasping at straws because we are talking about images on a comic book.

I've answered all these questions before, and not just in post 115, which in my mind is why "I win" the debate and which is why I don't answer most posts.

Thoom said...

I didn't say Gary Coleman looks like a monkey. I said he has puffy cheeks like Memin.

XantesFire said...

I didn't say all humans are monkeys, that's stupid. I said some humans have similar appearances to apes. And I don't understand your spade comment.

Memin and his mom are the only caricatures in the comic, and I explained to you why several times before even pointing out other examples of comics or cartoons where everyone is ordinary looking or have a base look but a main character or several would look different to draw more attention to them.

Actually I never said anything about people looking like monkeys and I shouldn't have taken the position in this argument, because that wasn't the point to be made here. The point I should have made is caricatures make people look weird, like animals or aliens or other. Again WIki "Caricatures" but read it this time.

But since I brought it up because it is a real point that some humans do look like apes. Look around. Why is evolution to you a point similar to grasping at staws?

Actually you didn't answer them in 115. You seem to have abandon it after I made several of my points again backed by evidence again.

Actually, you didn't say anything about the puffy cheeks. You said, "You SAY Memin looks just like Gary Coleman. You are basically saying that black peole look like monkeys."

Thoom said...

I know what a caricature is. And I explained why Memin and his mother is negative image of people of african descent. And I did write about "puffy cheeks" in a previous post.

Obviously you don't read my retorts, if you did you would cease your inane rationalizations about these racist images.

In a previous post you admitted the creators should have changed the images of Memin and his mother, at least in the 70s and 80s. Why would you concede that point, unless you know that these are images meant to portray blacks as less than human?

I'm done with this argument. I've typed the same shit over and over. It's like debating with someone suffering the affects of Alzheimer's.

XantesFire said...

I misunderstood you, I thought you meant you made that statement on this episode's comments.

Yes, we have already establish it is a negative image in the US, but it's not considered a negative image in Mexico. And that's been the whole point to this argument.

Actually I don't remember ever saying the image should have been changed in the 70's or 80's. I think you are thinking of the other blogger and he said the main reasons they didn't change it, is there's no money it it and noone is complaining.

Again you state that the images are meant to portray blacks as less than human again I must say yes we have discussed this. I have brought up the lack of black racism in Mexico. I have brought up what a caricature is. I have brought up other unusual looking characters that all you would have to do is paint them black and suddenly it would be racist. I have brought up the times that these images were made in the first place, They are not meant to harm they are meant to be humorous. Mexicans think it's funny we get upset over Memin. They even love Memin so much that they made a national stamp out of him and it sold out quick.

Debating you is like debating someone who just goes, "God did it." and think it solves all. Instead you just keep saying the same thing.

The Wreck Roar said...

LOL! @ TCM recalling Kingsley's homoerotic analysis of Speed Racer.

Helena Bonham Carter as MJ in Planet of the Apes. Nice observation Tim. Had me laughing when you said that. How could I have overlooked that? Probably because I was coping with the suckage of the movie.

Helena Bonham Carter is hot? She looks like a friggin corpse, dude. TCM, does this mean you're now a proponent of necrophilia?

I still wished that instead of naming the villain from Blade 2 Nomac, they should've just called him Morbius. Would have been so more effective.

I agree with you, Trench Coat, Iron Man is still a fucking douchebag villain. Suck it, Tim.

I'd rather die on a plane than on skis. Even though it would be scarier, on a plane I wouldn't be at fault of my death.

Where The Wild Things Are didn't click with me. The movie lacks any engaging narrative and becomes a chore to watch. It doesn't help that the visuals are not fantastical like I thought they would be. It's basically drab, mundane forest and beach settings captured on a hand held camera. I also hate the overt correlations of the Wild Things world to Max' real world. Too easy. Really disappointing work from Jonze. This lends more credence to my thought that the greatness of "Adaptation" can be mainly credited towards Kaufman's screenplay.

Great podcast, which is to be expected from a Tim/TCM episode. Thanks guys.

Now I'm off to listen to some more Thoom/PCX. I gotta a lot of catching up to do.