October 26, 2009

Episode 116: Jack Chick's Halloween


XantesFire said...

So they didn't catch the killer but they know the police shot him up, but found no body? Guess they never heard of bulletproof vest or the police covering their asses.

Cat with Hands

What are the annual numbers on death by Satan? Is there a special forces unit out there to stop him?

Seriously, the Exodus was a cheap, half ass effort by God to free his people. He could have easily, if he is as all powerful as Christians claim, teleported his people out. Or had them air lifted by his infinite number of angels.

What's a kid doing in church after midnight? On Halloween.

Wiccans are just nature worshipers. And there are cute Wiccans, they just usually don't shave down below nor wear deordorant.

Druids are not spooky.

The message of Jesus' crucifixion is being blocked? Where? They make movies glamorizing it, they wear it on little necklace, it adorns almost everyone of their churches.

Every year at any church I was at, when they had the Halloween party, the Jesus carrying the biggest cross always won.

Zombie Jesus!

Passion of Zombie Jesus

The Living Tales of Zombie Jesus

T Mafia said...

they just usually don't shave down below nor wear deodorant.

See, it's the hippies all over again only worse, 'cause they want you to listen to their "new age" record collections.

XantesFire said...

They were hippies before hippies. But they are cleaner. Don't know about the New Age music, girl I know liked 80's New Wave and Springsteen, course that was during the 80's.

XantesFire said...

I think I know why the kid was in the church after midnight. He was at the camp party earlier and he was one of the lucky ones who got out. Then he raced to the church for salvation. As luck would have it, there was a transexual Siamese twin priest there. Well actually the right side is a priest/nun, the left side is a used car saleman. Anyway the nun/priest revealed to the kid how to defeat the devil, once the kid let them take "sexy" pics of him prancing naked around the church.

T Mafia said...

At least the half of the he/she priest/nun that was a used car salesman had a respectable job.