December 14, 2009

Episode 126: Assassin Assassin


Vichus Smith said...

I know that Xantes will quibble over whether Memin Penguin, but just look at the artwork they did for Memin's Japanese debut. That's just inexcusable, folks.

BTW, has anyone here watched Misfits? If not, just follow me on and I'll make vague references after I watch it.

XantesFire said...

Actually ninja means covert agent/mercenary. They do espionage, sabotage, fight and they do assassinate but that not their main deal. It would be like saying salad chef, fry chef, soup chef, etc. Ninja assassin just means they specialize in assassinating.

Wait a sec, if the world ends in 2012, what good is collecting money to get on the ships?

Points for Downcast for understanding why the Joker would be an anarchist. Points off for not understanding that Superman is a big time liberal. He believes in everyone helping each other, and the powerful should help more. The times he becomes a tyrant are usually after some sort of tragedy convinces him that the world needs even more help and him being in charge would work better.

I know I explained it to you before. They don't translate the English words because they want the reader to get the impression that they were there. So if they don't know English in real life, they don't know what's being said in the comic. Several TV shows and movies used to do that. Like Secret Agent used to not translate any foreign language being spoken.

Smart people can't look goofy?

Okay I corrected myself way back then and told you I meant to say that Memin looks like a caricature of Gary Coleman.

I told you before Memin and his mom are the cartoonish looking characters because they're the main characters. Like Condorito, a condor/human around humans.

And Hong Kong Phooey is a dog who is secretly a dog crime-fighter around human cops and people. I'm surprise you don't consider it racist because he's a dog who's a janitor voiced by Scatman Crothers.

And I didn't say Yellow Kid was the only strange looking character in his comics, I said that if they made him black then you would assume his looks were racist.

Tiger Woods is about a boring guy, playing a boring sport, caught in a boring scandal(seriously if he wasn't rich and famous you even care.)

Again, why Vegetarian?

Vichus Smith said...

Smart people can not only look goofy, but they almost always do look goofy.

The only reason this Tiger Scandal is so big is because he was so boring a guy, such a nice guy on the surface.