January 1, 2010

Episode 127: Blondie Locks


T Mafia said...

In my defense, I was on not only 30 eps of PCX in 2009, but 13 eps of THOOM! (ahem), 3 eps of Comic Book Attic, an ep apiece of Geek Brunch and Cinematic Attic, and even produced 4 eps of PC3X; add all those up and you've got 52 - or to put it another way, at least one podcast blessed by my presence in one way or another for every week of the year, thank you very much.

XantesFire said...

What's with the Kim hate? A person could get the impression she was your ex, you know the one who killed your puppy, smashed your car and slapped your mom around.

I thought the point near the end she was making was she wishes it was like the old days, I really don't understand your anger.

And isn't repeating word(s), used often in poems and songs? It's to emphasize a word or meaning. And sometimes just cause the writer thinks it sounds good.

Sure Deep Throat by today's standards is tame and nothing special but back in the day it was one of the first porns to have a plot. Okay, a woman finding out her clit is in her throat is not much of a plot but better than what was going on before. Which was mostly 2 people on a bed having sex, no story as to who they were or how they got to that point. Also the production value was way better than what was standard for porns back then. Porns back then were called blue movies because they made them so cheaply they had a bluish tinge.

It was a lame story but I think you missed the point on some stuff. You forgot to mention Keith was a member of Rick Jones' Teen Brigade, no wonder Cap answered the call. When anyone from his personal young boys club calls, cap answers.
And the ARPANET was capable of email back then.
At the end he didn't think Mitch was just gonna quit drugs by himself, Cap told Mitch that he had his family and friends to help him.

Whoa, my captcha word was "futti."

Vichus Smith said...

You hear that, kids? Thoom is a fucking drug abuser! Maybe we can blame his hatred of women and other black people on the vicodin. I bet every time he gets a boo-boo, Tim pops come vicodin. Dr. House motherfucker.

Vicodin or not, I agree with Tim on the whole poetry bullshit. All of a sudden people do a Shattner impression with a soulful twist and they think that's brilliant. Well, not when everyone's doing that sing-songy shit!

XantesFire said...

Oh, I'm not saying it was good poetry. It was lame. I just don't understand the hate.

XantesFire said...