February 7, 2010

BPDP 12: J.D. Watkins, Illusionist


Vichus Smith said...

Tim, please do not tell me that's a pic of JD! DON'T! If you do, I will laugh to death.

Anyway, Tim, you say Karyn (spell your Parson's isn't that hot, and we know her career isn't jumping like it used to, so maybe JD is in the right spot now to slip into that!

(As for JD getting into Stern's pants, he's fucking dreaming. Maybe one episode where he has JD on- if JD can afford a plane tickets to NY.

In reality, we know that Stern would take Artie Lange's drugged out, bloated corpse over JD, and that no matter how big Karyn Parsons' nose is, she'd run as fast as she could from this negro)

BTW, the Black Howard Stern is Star from Star & Buckwild. Regular radio is FUCKING WACK now! Corny, cookie cutter and safe. I bet whoever the fuck JD is calling the "Black Howard Stern" does (fake) prank phone calls and has a female 3rd wheel who poo-poos all of the "edgy" jokes they say.


I really liked Avatar: of course I liked it visually and not story-wise. I saw it in 2d in a fucking packed theater, forced to sit in the front row, and it was still great. Zoe Saldana should have gotten some sort of award for her performance. The theory is that even if she was totally worthy of the Oscar, the voters are scared of giving a "cartoon" an award because that will change the face of acting.

Last thing: JD sent some kind of spam mail to some of us, and I don't even know what the fuck it was about. it's still sitting in my inbox. I don't know what the fuck it's about.

vichussmith said...

BTW, Tim, you couldn't wait 6 fucking episodes to find out the end of Misfits? TYPICAL.

If anyone missed it, this is one of the few ways you can see Misfits.

Finest Worlds is a collection of Superman/Batman issues. So it could be continuity or it could be out of continuity.

OK, what the fuck happened to the end of the podcast? I'm guessing there's a part 2 and you just didn't tag it with you saying that there would be more?

XantesFire said...

In the Book of Eli, all the bibles are destroyed? Wait a sec, all the bibles are destroyed? Almost all homes have bibles. Including atheists' homes (know your enemy.) All libraries carry several editions. Churches stockpile them. Even I have a bible or two. It's embarrassing the most printed up book and it doesn't survive the apocalypse? That just seems stupid.

Useless powers? They seem like an almost perfect spy team. Mind reader, rewind time, invisibility, immortal, Nathan'll be point man since he can't be killed and Alisha can be involved in interrogation, have the guy in a cage, touch him and convince him if he tells he get some or blackmail a target by taking racy pix. Too bad there's no heavy.

Weeze said...

Hello Thoom,i have been listening for a few months and i have gone back and checked out most of the older shows.I enjoy your show alot as well as Podcast X.
I don't know if thats a pic of JD or not but i notice you refer to his as an illusionist.I think the biggest illusion JD is trying to pull off is to fool us into thinking he isn't gay.Regardless,he's funny on the show and makes me laugh even if he does love balls.
Peace and keep up the good work.

vichussmith said...

Unfortunately I discovered that it is a pic of JD. It's on his horrible website.

I have to admit that it does look like JD updated his site to 194 standards, but it's still pretty garbage.

I also have to give him props for actually having an official website, even though I don't know what purpose JD's site serves.

Thoom said...

Vichus says:
>>Tim, please do not tell me that's a pic of JD! DON'T! If you do, I will laugh to death.>>

As you've discovered, it is James, in the early 90s. I take it you've laughed yourself to death by now, one less nuisance.

I think Karyn Parsons is married. She certainly is experiencing a resurgence. First, she is being rediscovered by JD, and now John Mayer cites her as one of the few black women he's ever wanted to fuck (alongside Keri Washington and Holly Robinson Peete).

Star sucks. Howard Stern would never get caught out there talking about fucking a rival shock jock's
4 year old daughter, the way Star did. (with his fucked up accent)

And while we are talking about shock jock wannabe's who get canned for trying to be like Stern, let's talk about the two times Opie and Anthony got fired for falsely stating a politician's wife was dead and desecrating a Holy Temple.

Mundane radio personalities, do yourself a favor and don't even attempt to tread where Stern goes.

Zoe getting nominated for an Oscar? I don't think so. The scene where she screamed at her lover for lying, was more bratty american teen than angry warrior woman.

vichussmith said...

Fucked up accent? What accent does Star have? Maybe because I live in NY I'm not hearing it.

Of course, almighty Howard Stern would never talk about fucking a child, but he has been fined by the FCC for tons of things he's said that's deemed inappropriate AND he told a rival DJ that he'd have sex with the skull of the DJ's dead father.

While you're googling old "shock jock" news articles, Opie and Anthony got fired for saying ON APRIL FOOLS DAY ON A NON-NEWS STATION that the mayor of Boston was dead. That's idiotic and the firing should have never happened.

Opie and Anthony then got fired because a couple had sex in a church as part of a public sex competition. Yes, this went a bit too far, but this decision to have sex in the church was not forced upon the couple. I am of the opinion that they should have maybe been suspended, but not fired. The stunt did not violate FCC rules.

So Tim, what was your point? So because Howard Stern didn't get fired a lot, that means he's better? There are a lot of DJs on FM radio right now who have also not done stunts that got them fired. Does that make them great, too?

Yeah, don't attempt to progress in radio. Be like all the crappy FM morning shows on the air right now that bore the hell out of their listeners.

Just never push boundaries and be cookie cutter. Don't follow Howard Stern's lead, because he didn't get major ratings and get people excited to turn on the radio. Tim's so right! Just tread water, and once Hoard Stern's dead and gone, we should never have any entertaining radio ever again.

The rest of you (who have sense) can check out Star on shovio.com at 8pm weekdays or watch the older shows in the ondemand archives.

Thoom said...

I've listened to Opie and Anthony in the early 2000s before they got fired the 2nd time.

Saying you would fuck a skull (a now inanimate object)is very different from claiming you are gonna go to a man's house and rape his 4 year old daughter. Why bring that baby into this.

Stern didn't get fired for the skull comment, because it was ultimately harmless. "star" rained on and fired shortly after he made the comments.

O&A is constantly being fired because they are incompetent. They were whining like bitches because Stern gets attention from satelitte radio and they get treated like step children by satelitte.

Stern was fined by the FCC because no one was going to fire him. The conservatives were using to FCC to try to control Stern, and failed.

Now why is it, when pressured to fire Stern, his corporate bosses didn't fire him, but Clear Channel had NO PROBLEM firing Star and O&A when they got out of hand?

Simple, they don't have anywhere near the audience, influence or scruples that Stern has. They're hacks. And while Stern is controversial, he does stuff that he finds entertaining. He'd never put a toddler or adolescent in his cross hairs, or put it out there that a person died, leaving the family members shocked, distraught and grieving, like what happened with the Mayor's family.

"Oh it was on April's Fools Day"

SO WHAT!? I suppose if I robbed a liquor store using a toy gun painted black, when the cops come to put me in jail (if I live throught the ordeal) it will all be okay if I do it on April First and claim it was a joke.

If I hear bad news broadcast on April Fools Day, epsecialy about a family member, I will be distraught, not thinking about today's date, but my family's safety.

Oh wow, it was broadcast on a non news station so it must not be true. Because talk shows NEVER read real news from the newspaper or other sources. And if it was obvious that it was a joke because of the April 1 date, then why do the "joke" in the first place?

When Stern dies or retires, good talk radio dies, unless Adam Corolla is still on the air. There was talk radio before Stern but it never crossed over like this. Imus was big before Stern but he never achieved that kind of success. And neither (falling)Star, non entity Buc Wild nor Opie and Anthony. Yes, they are rich, but there audience will never get bigger than this, and they will never have an audience that is as wide and varied as Stern's was/is.

There are good radio hosts (Tom Lykis, Adam Corolla) and I am sure there will be more good ones, but the idiots you listed are just Stern wannabes.

Thoom said...

Hello Thoom,
i have been listening for a few months and i have gone back and checked out most of the older shows.I enjoy your show a lot as well as Podcast X.

Thanks Weeze. If JD is gay, he would never come out. He is hardcore into Christianity and he prides himself on his heterosexuality. In his defense, I never got a gay vibe. I think he is just eccentric. And he's stalked women that he was in love with.

vichussmith said...

There is no difference between Star's threat and Stern's threat. They both did not happen. It was on-air trash-talking.

I don't find O&A to be incompetent, but I will definitely call them overzealous, trying to get away with as much as they could under the given conditions.

I think it's useless for O&A to complain about Stern's treatment as compared to them , because there is obviously a certain ceiling to the amount of respect they are treated with as part of Siruis-XM, However, O&A have achieve much success during their careers and they have more freedom to complain about getting what they deserve over many of the other radio personalities in Satellite radio.

My point about the April Fool's prank is that a non-news station reporting the death of the Mayor does not make that information the truth. It was idiotic for people to take that seriously.

O&A and Star's firings were simply because of the cowardice of the corporations they worked for. they were unwilling to let the storm blow over and for things to go back to normal. The persons who expressed disapproval over them weren't even part of the listenership, which is absolute bullshit.

I find the Opie and Anthony show to be very funny. If you want to talk real hack, turn on FM radio in the mornings. THAT is hack shit. Of course they will never have as big an audience as Stern did, especially because of the current climate of terrestrial radio AND the fact that they are on satellite, which does not attract as big an audience as free radio. The door that Stern opened on FM radio is pretty much shut now.

For you to tell me that once someone comes along that no one else can follow that lead and also be successful is ridiculous. O&A and Star are not Stern Wannabees. Otherwise, you would not know their name or their histories. True Stern wannabees would not have such longevity.

PS: Tom Leykis? REALLY? YOU WANNA TALK HACKS, THAT GUY IS A FUCKING SOUND BOARD OF THE SAME LINES FROM SHOW TO SHOW! Corolla's funny, but Leykis is not on the same level as Stern, O&A, Star & Bucwilld, or Adam Corolla.

T Mafia said...

Most importantly: Weeze, thanks for the kind words about Podcast X!

Saying you would fuck a skull (a now inanimate object)is very different from claiming you are gonna go to a man's house and rape his 4 year old daughter. Why bring that baby into this.

A four-year-old little girl is hardly a baby. She's quite capable of running away from you when you go to chase her down, for one thing (which is fine; it's all just part of the fun) And once you've got her pinned and start tearing her clothes off, unlike a baby, she's gonna understand on some level what you're about to do her and will try to fight back (well, as best as a sexy four-year-old is able to, anyway; not that I'm complaining - it's sooo cute!) as opposed to some older girls who've been correctly told that their futile little struggles just add to my--I mean, the hypothetical rapist's experience.

I could easily go on, but all I'm saying is that a baby isn't the same thing as a four-year-old. I mean, just look at the thoughts those little sluts go around putting in guys' heads!

vichussmith said...

Thank you for bringing it back to pedophilia/rape, Trenchcoat. The previous conversation was not too fun.

Anonymous said...

From Star to Vichus Smith;

I have been reading these posts for awile now. Thanks Vichus Smith for the support. Now, do me a favor and support my dick up your ass. When I'm done reaming your filfthy hole I take my dick out and just ram it in your little cute mouth. Once again, thanks for the support. Star

vichussmith said...

Wow, Star. I would love your cum on my lips! Yum yum! Bucwild can cum too. Get it? Double entendre!

Thoom said...

The only reason I know O&A and Star's history is because people are always dissing them for their stupid on air bits that get them fired.

I know who Rush Limbaugh is, too, but he is a horrible radio personality, not a legend. He. O&A and Star are just there to fill space.

Vichus Smith said...

Of course you would hear bad things about them. You're one of these weirdo Stern zombies who take his words like the Bible.

People who hate have you on their mind more than people who are ambivalent about you. Like, for example, how these sorts of conversations with you make my hate grow for you. My attention is here, but I would like nothing more than to choke you out with the physical manifestation of your words.

vichussmith said...

BTW, Rush Limbaugh is not a Legend? Maybe not in the eyes of you or me, but this guy's a fucking giant in radio! Howard Stern himself wouldn't go as far as to say that Rush Limbaugh is not legendary in his field. Are you kidding? This guy is a big fucking deal not only in radio, but he's also snuck his ass into politics!

When you talk conservative politic on radio, it's Rush. Hannity is basically the same level of notoriety, probably moreso since he's been on Fox for so long.

Thoom said...

Listen, I just don't have any interest in listening to O&A or Star. They irritate me.

Of course there was talk radio before Stern and there will be talk radio after Stern. But no one cared before Stern and the audience for talk radio now is broken up among different audiences. That 16 mil that were glued to the radio when stern was on is now broken into many chunks going in different directions. Star O&A and even Carolla would never get the same number of radio stations across the country that Stern had when he left terrestial radio.

vichussmith said...

OK, thank you for writing what I wrote previously.

I think you're too stuck on Stern. That's fine, loyalty is appreciated, but pardon me if I see it as of the blind variety.

[my word verification is "meativ" which sounds like something Homer Simpson would LOVE]

Thoom said...

what do you mean, "stuck on stern"? I don't even listen to him since he's on satellite.

And I am open to any good talk radio. I listen to podcasts: Carolla, WTF with Marc Maron, Spill.com, KATG and Black People Don't Podcast.

vichussmith said...

Maybe you should get a security job like JD so you can listen to him. Oh, you forgot O&A, Star and Ron and Fez in your list.

Thoom said...

Fuck Star, Rush, Ron and Fez, Neil and Bob and the rest of them.

vichussmith said...

You haven't listened to good radio in years. What do you know?

Thoom said...

I know that Star and Opie and Anthony suck.

vichussmith said...

Even that's in question now, ya Top 40 lovin' SoB.

Anonymous said...

"Eli" was quite entertaining. The cinematic frames were all absolutely brilliant.
It was quite a comic booky movie, but Hughes brothers did create a world and stuck to the rules.
The religious under/overtones was brilliant, cuz they did pick sides and leave it up to the audience to interpret it.
I give it a 7 because it is better than average but not a classic.
"Death at a Funeral" may have been one of the best trailers of the year.
I am seeing "Clash" in 3D. That is something we haven't gotten to see in a while, the classic mythology (Ruined in "Troy")that inspired all modern hero tales anyway.
I really wish they would keep Raimi on Spider-Man. I don't mind Tobey at all. Kirsten can hit the bricks, she doesn't get on my nerves, but the movies have wasted so much time addressing her place in the story when we could be spending it with the bad guys or a Marvel team up. That being said, screw Raimi cuz they wasted Venom.
JD is a laugh riot. Good luck with Hillary and Stern.