January 15, 2010

Episode 132: Don't Clown Me.


Vichus Smith said...

Pokemon is de debils!

Anonymous said...

Some show notes for you all:

The Boondocks slams BET

Misfits (WATCH THIS SHOW!!!)

XantesFire said...

Idiot, he's hating on pokemon for the wrong reasons. You can dislike it for practical, secular reasons, like it shows kids, pets are for fighting, that's what happened to Michael Vick. Or all injuries are healed with a quick trip to the nurse. Or you can evolve your pets by throwing rocks at them. Or it's okay for ten year old to wander thru the forest. (wait a sec, is TCM in the credits?)

Luke Cage's offense was just possession of heroin, plus his record shows that he was cleaning his act before he was framed.

Firestar had a dad rich enough to send her to a private academy, Captain America was getting his veteran's pension and he did work from time to time. Bruce banner was a rich governmental scientist who used to swipe plenty of government science items that he would hide it caves which implies that he was a big unseen link in the black market at the army base he worked at.

The women in Panther's country are well educated and know how to trap a man. The women of the rest of Africa are full of AIDS or pulling scams. So where can he find some freaky, somewhat non-polluted ass? New York City of course.

Another gay co-host?

Actually the Blues Brothers first appeared on SNL in 1978, movie was filmed in 1979 and came out in 1980.

I like the Spice Girls, but I have to admit, if Eddie was drunk and coked up, it's easy to mistake Scary Spice for a tranny. She probably used a strapon.

Anonymous said...

Gay co-host? What the fuck?

Well, maybe, since my poor performance at a club yesterday may prove my gayness. I should have just danced poorly all night instead of hanging out on a couch for hours and just dancing for a few minutes.

XantesFire said...


Anonymous said...

Um, OK, I guess that's better than being gay.

XantesFire said...

Actually I meant the show, "Misfits."

But it could mean Tim also.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, the Granny Fucker episode. That was classic.

I bet Tim is a grasnny fucker, and not in the Misfits sense. He's hiding something

Anonymous said...

Avatar the Last Airbender is one of the greatest cartoons of all time.
It's strange that just before James Cameron's Avatar came out I would autmatically think Last Airbender.
Now I think of retarded blue smurfy cats.

XantesFire said...

Is it wrong that I wonder how the Na'Vi would taste cooked, with some barbecue sauce? It's Gargamel's fault, everytime I see a blue creature, I want to cook it. I hope they taste like blueberry deer meat.

Anonymous said...

Misfits is well awesome. Thanks for the recommendation Vichus.
I watched it with my brother last night (so I had to skip some scenes).
Oh Britain, can anyone make entertainment better than you?

XantesFire said...

You're censoring?

Anonymous said...



So, you aren't gonna sit with your brother and watch some granny fucker? Prude.

Anonymous said...

It makes him uncomfortable.

Oh and the ending was freaking brilliant. Can't wait for season 2.

Anonymous said...

If my sister lived here (and not in Canada) the way I would get over uncomfortable sexual content was to be to gently kiss her on the lips.

It might work for you!

If all else fails, you just gently brush his pants with your hand to gauge his level of erection.

XantesFire said...

Okay, I think I'm over the shock that you censor, even though it's supposedly for his own good.



Anonymous said...

I think it's for both of them. She doesn't want to acknowledge that her little brother gets boners, and he doesn't want to get boners in front of his sister.

These two clearly don't have an honest, incestuous relationship like Johnny and Sue Storm do.

XantesFire said...

Ask a Mexican.
I only seen a little bit, I figure you might put the Menin question to him.
Short response to a different Memin question

Anonymous said...

Ugh, words cannot describe how much incest creeps me out.
Now I can't even look at my brothers because the thought of that couple/siblings on a documentary I saw once pops into my head.


Must now watch hours of Zachary Quinto videos.

I censor it because that's what any normal person would do. Watching sex scenes with any member of your family is weird. Especially when it's a good one.

XantesFire said...

But it's censoring.

What was the doc?

T Mafia said...

...and is it on YouTube?

Anonymous said...

I'm being an internet Sleuth, and all I could find is a documentary called "Sig det ikke til nogen..." which is a documentary about incest victims.

The only documentary I saw about incest was The Dreamers, which is odd because the sister from the documentary ended up in a James Bond flick. Hmm, she lived during world war 2, and she didn't seem to be an actress...

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with censoring when Jordan doesn't want to see it either?
Plus my mum has a tendency to walk in on the most inappropriate moments.

For example, Dexter doesn't have alot of sex scenes. But in season four occasionally it's all like "SUPRISE SEX!".
Where a normal scene of dialogue suddenly cuts to Quinn humping his girlfriend. It is at that moment that mum walks in. Couldn't have been a few minutes before or after, no.

That's not the documentary. I think it was called "forbidden love" or something along those lines.
It was a British documentary about various couples who were related.
There was the brother and sister, some cousins, a Tasmanian father and daughter couple. And an old married couple who were twins seperated at birth, later meeting and falling love without knowing that they were related.
They were about 70 and only recently found out after a DNA test. Which I have no idea what prompted them to do it.
They're divorced now though, they were quite religious so they wouldn't have stayed together.

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