February 13, 2010

BPDP 14: Porn For The Blind


XantesFire said...

kevin Smith

Porn for the Blind

What time is/was JD on? Is he gonna video himself?

Thoom said...

He was supposed to go on last week. I haven't talked to him in a while.

XantesFire said...

Can't pod their monday's show, it's a few days behind.

XantesFire said...

Bloody hell, that was agonizing! I just check their 2/8/10 monday show I might have missed him since I was jumping their show every 3-5 minutes. But fuck I couldn't stand their "witty repertoire." It was Spock with the agonizer between my ears. Whatever happened to JD?

Thoom said...

uh sorry. I forgot to post here that when JD showed up to the "Monsters In The Morning" radio show at the appointed time, the producer told him the appearance was cancelled but that he could guest shot on another day.


Sorry you had to sit through that.

Vichus Smith said...

The reason why Radio guys know about the other DJs whereabouts is that besides reading the trade magazines and whatnot, DJs are petty fucks, clawing at each other like crabs in a barrel. If they can divide and conquer, they will.

Brother Wease is a cool guy. His show isn't all that special, but he's alright to listen to. His protege way back was Opie of the Opie and Anthony show.

So I don't think Wease needs JD telling him about Stern complimenting him. First, I don't think Wease would ever get JD's mail (just because I think popular radio guys get a lot of mail). I also think that Wease would get the word faster than JD telling him. Radiophiles usually listen to all these shows, so they listen to Stern, then relay the mention to Wease.

Also, I know JD has good intentions, but I don't think Wease wants to hear "Uh, hey, radio guy, the Almighty Stern took the time out to mention your lowly ass"

Tuttle was recently on Ron and Fez talking about getting fired. That's the climate of radio. It's bland, and guys like a Tuttle (who was a down-for-whatever dude who did stunts and whatnot) are cut out from it.

Whoever is at least decent to listen to on FM radio is basically doing a watered down version of what they used to do so that special interest groups don't get them fired.

I remember SBK back when one of my favorite shows (that broke up because radio is now watered down) The Hideout was on in Florida. He was alright. Not spectacular to me, but he was a good personality.

Stern is a master, because he loves to tease his audience. He always plays the "i'll go back to ______" game or the "i'm going to do ________" and it gets him buzz. I bet the American Idol rumors were started by him somehow! :)

As for JD not getting on The Monsters ::GIGGLE:: Oh, that's too bad. Hope the Stern booking ::CHUCKLE:: goes better!