February 21, 2010

BPDP 15: Hurt Ya Like A White Girl


Vichus Smith said...

I think Jon Mayer also mentioned Paula Patton, the woman I tend to mistake for Halle Berry, as the other black girl he would go out with.

I am sort of on Jon Mayer's side. He's been doing this shock jocky shit for a little while now, and it just hit a boiling point once he mentioned the word nigger.

What I think REALLY got him in hot water was just how rambling he is. I tried to understand what he was getting at with the whole "nigger pass" line but I don't fully get it.

He was being truthful, not malicious and I think he learned that as a white guy you can only black up to a point. You go too comfortable! Go back to your white girls, John!

ann.expo said...
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Anonymous said...

Ahh, the wonders of blogger.com. ANYWAY, Tim, TIM, please don't tell me i just heard the word "dial-up" in a modern conversation! Dial-up was new when I was 13. I am damn near 30 now! I know you might need to save funds, but DAYUM, JD!

No wonder this negro's website looks like it's from the 90s- he only thinks in 90s era internet! The Internet's about to go to html version 5 and JD's on Dial-up [TIM SIGH]. I bet JD has 900 channels that he doesn't watch, but he's skimping on faster internet. Maybe someone should have taught this nigga how to budget.

OR maybe JD needs to finally make a move out of Florida (or wherever the hell he's at) which doesn't seem to be the movie capital of the world, nor the illusionist capital of the world, and get work somewhere else.

I cry when I hear anyone talk about dial-up, but it's usually the elderly who do.

XantesFire said...

What's with all the deleted posts?

Anonymous said...

It was some Asian spam shit. You didn't miss a thing.