March 19, 2010

Black People Don't Podcast 18


Anonymous said...

Avatar and the hurt locker were the favorites to win going into the oscars. If Avatar lost to any other film, it would have been considered an upset. So I kinda see where Kingsley is coming from.

Hayden Christensin does look like a douche in that hat and is clearly the odd man out in that movie. Paul Walker was good in Running Scared, a suprisingly watchable movie.

Funny you should mention Fright Night, as I've been editing your first discussion of the movie into a JD compilation show. I 100% agree with you Tim, no movie is sacrosanct when it comes to remaking. All that matters is the execution and even if the remake sucks, like you said, you still got the original. I'm glad you pointed out that Fright Night is a movie of it's time. That's one of the reasons I love your shows. You're very astute and perceptive with your opinions. Even when I disagree with you on topics, you clearly outline your side of the argument.

For some reason I always thought JD was an only child. I find it fascinating when he talks about his family. It's like a whole other side of him.

Overall, another stellar episode. JD transfixed by that dude's eyes and you defending Kingsly's heterosexuality were my favorite moments of this ep.

- WR

Thoom said...

Thanks WR for the comments. When I read your comments it feels like Owen Gleiberman or Pauline Kael wrote a sterling review of the show.

For some reason I always thought JD was an only child

I am taken aback when I hear of his family, too. I've known the guy for almost twenty years and I rarely hear him mention his siblings.

My e-mail is There are a couple of different ways to get your "JD compilation show" to me via the internet. E-mail me and we will figure it out.

MichalClark said...
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Anonymous said...

You're too charitable with your compliments. And the thanks should be pointed your way for all the content you provide.

- WR