March 19, 2010

THOOM 135: Teen Sex Club

THOOM! reviews "I Joined A Teen-Age Sex Club!" from First Love #15 (1951)
with T-Mafia


show notes


T Mafia said...

BTW, if anyone out there's tempted to buy a copy of this comic to read along with the review, it's actually #13, not #15. Personally though, I have no idea why you'd pay big bucks for an old comic, when the story's free online:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Gotta re-listen now. I love episodes where I read along with you guys.

Everyone's secret favorite Freddy movie is Part 3. The whole powers aspect is just too appealing, especially to comic fans.

Okay I thought that whole Trekkie hate was some sort of bit but I'm beginning to think otherwise. If it is a joke, congratulations Tim, cause you got me.

Ha! Even Trenchy picks on Kingsley.

Lars Von Trier is self proclaimed greatest director of all time. I say he's delusional and wouldn't come close to top 50 directors. I often get Von Trier, Werner Herzog, and Michel Haneke mixed up. There all a bunch of old pretentious European filmmakers. Dogma 95 can kiss my ass.

In addition to the reasons listed on the show, I'm pretty sure I know why TCM likes Antichrist so much. Snip! Snip!

I'm sorry but I was bored during Dancer in the Dark. It doesn't help when none of the songs in a musical aren't hooking me. *Spoilers* Plus there were frustrating scenes, like the one where Bjork kills that guy, that felt so forced and manipulative. Whereas moments like that were handled a lot better in his good movie Dogville. At least in that movie, the upsetting scenes have a purpose in the end. There's a reason why Nicole Kidman suffers through all that pain and it's a pretty great payoff. But hey, if you dig it, that's fine. It's just not my type of movie.

Date Rape is wrong... on the first date. Any other date there after is open season. She's pretty much begging for it. Clearly she likes you if she's going out with you again but she's just too shy to ask for sex.

Rape Monthly written by TCM; I'd put that on my pull list

We can disagree on Von Trier movies but you're dead wrong when it comes to the hotness of Bryce Dallas Howard. C'mon man, you gotta be blind to say she's not fine. Or you're just baiting me to get a cheap reaction like Lars Von Trier did with Dancer in the Dark.

Girls do secretly hate each other. I think something like that was mentioned during the PCX review of Joker's Asylum - Scarecrow. If anyone would know it'd be Courtney. Speaking of which, I like that idea of an episode of PCX where Starhawk and Trenchy review the cute pictures on Courtney's page.

Nice geek voice, Tim.

Another good, entertaining episode with Tim and TCM. Always appreciated.

- WR

T Mafia said...

Oh, it's no joke; Tim really, really, really hates Trekkie.

As to my picking on Kingslee - c'mon, it's so easy!

Yeah, I've gotta give Von Trier credit for the, um, "snipping" scene in Antichrist. That's one of those moments where you just wanna stand up and applaud. I mean, there's garden-variety misogyny on the one hand, and then there's that.

We'll just have to agree to disagree about Dancer in the Dark. For example, I liked how the bit where David Morse talks Bjork into killing him was drawn out to the point where the viewer becomes as uncomfortable as the characters in the scene.

And hey, all a guy has to do to get around that "no rape on the first date" rule is to declare, "Time for our second date now, bitch!" before he rapes her.

Admittedly, Bryce Dallas Howard gets a few points automatically just for being a redhead, but what helped her case most in Spider-Man 3 (the only flick I've ever actually seen her in, so of course they bleach her hair just to annoy me) was that the only other chick around to compare her to was (shudder) Kirsten Dunst.

Anonymous said...

"And hey, all a guy has to do to get around that "no rape on the first date" rule is to declare, "Time for our second date now, bitch!" before he rapes her."


- WR

XantesFire said...

Hey remember W.K.R.P. tried to warn the world about the eventual takeover of automated stations with corporate programming.

I liked Dancer in the Dark, Bjork is so cute, too bad I can barely understand a thing she's says, even when I read the lyrics as she sings them. Wonder what she sounds like during sex. I picture alot of screeching and wailing, and that's before I've taken any of her clothes off.

I couldn't get thru 10 minutes of Dogville, I just kept thinking, all the money they saved on the set, they couldn't reduce the price on the rental? It's a freaking movie, buy a set.

Bryce Dallas Howard? Now that I know who her father is, I can't help but think she's Ron Howard in a wig.

I just saw Speed Racer and I have come to the conclusion that not only is the co-host that I will not name, a closeted gay but he's pedo-gay. I watched this with my sister, who has the power of pointing out gay undertones in almost every movie. Sometimes the mere presence of her will make me question the heterosexuality of any and all male characters. Magnificent 7? Gay. Tron? Gay. Rambo? Gay. James Bond? Gay. He thought there was something erotic about the scene where Rex has Speed on his lap while driving? All I saw was a big brother teaching his little bro how to be a racer. Beautiful bleeding lips? All I saw was a guy who needs some anti-septic and a bandage. I did see some very sensual lips, but they were the lips of the Chinese guy's sister.So pouty. So juicy. Okay, and young Trixie's lips.

Of course Black Panther's gonna kick young Captain America's ass. It's the 1940's and the only fighting styles the U.S government would probably okay and knew about back then was judo and boxing.

Oh, and the comic you reviewed I think the problem the girl is really having in the new town is everyone knows she's mulatto.

Another great PCXWest episode.

Thoom said...

Another great PCXWest episode.

THOOM! is the originator, the dominator, the great comics orator.

T Mafia said...

PCX West! Ha! Thanks for that, Xantes; that's one running gag I'm gonna keep going, anyway...!

XantesFire said...

Actually I'm not the originator of PCXWest, I think it was Trekkie.

T Mafia said...

Trekkie attacking Tim in any way, shape, or form (or vice versa)? Impossible!

vichussmith said...

I watched Antichrist on Netflix instant watch. I think the best part was when Green Goblin is banging his chick and their baby throws himself out a window like a fucking idiot. I fast-forwarded through the rest until the woman cuts off part of her pussy lips.

Brilliant filmmaking. I don't know why Cannes had such a problem with it!

T Mafia said...

Yeah, I guess I do have to give Von Trier a few points just for opening his film with a bang. Though actually, I suppose some brat's skull shattering against concrete would make more of a "KRAK!" sound than a "bang", per se. Bonus points to Von Trier for giving us time to really enjoy the Darwinism-in-action scene by filming it in slow motion.