March 15, 2010

BPDP 16: Big Time


XantesFire said...

Did Wesley Snipes have to act like a guy who just got out of jail? Didn't he actually just get out?

Does there always have to be a good guy to lead the movie? To be the hero? What about the Sopranos or Goodfellas, we root for the bad guys. Why can't a killer be the hero? See The Punisher and Road to Perdition. I haven't seen Brooklyn Finest. It just seems like a movie about a bunch of complicated individuals. Sort of like real life? Too realistic then?

Suicide by gun, cliche or realistic? So how should he be trying to kill himself? Chainsaw? Too redneck? Bridge jumping? Wouldn't that be too cliche also? Plus you would draw too much attention. Manta Ray? Hard to find one in the city, maybe another animal? He's a cop, he has a gun. What could be easier and more natural than suicide by gun for a cop? Cliche maybe, but realistic.

Like Kingsley could root for a guy who he probably heard had a gerbil up his ass. It's false anyway.

There it goes. Not enough religion for Kingsley in this movie.

Was Hurt Locker accurate?

Just because it has vampires and/or werewolves doesn't mean it should be classified as a horror. Teen Wolf, Love at First Bite, Once Bitten.

A friend told me the silver lining in Precious is -"Thank god, I'm not black."

If there's a white man selling hot dogs and a black man selling shit on a stick. Would you support the black man?

Now Kingsley wants to support realism in movies? As long as it's black made?

An obligation by black people to see a movie made by black people? Is he just making sure he has a future audience for his films?
Actually no, wouldn't Precious's demographic be middle American white conservative Christians who believe city people are as fucked up as in the movie and they want to be proven right?

I'm amazed you didn't bring up Black Devil Doll from Hell, when Kingsley kept insisting support black films.

When did this happen ?

You have a friend named after quaaludes?

Anonymous said...

Great to have Kingsley back for a show. Brooklyn's Finest discussion was very engaging and I didn't even see it. I like Ethan Hawke in the Before Sunrise/Sunset films.

Oscars were crap again this year. Luckily Spill's live commentary made it tolerable to watch.

Best speech was Christoph Waltz. Could of come across as cheesy like at the Golden Globes but he managed to make it feel genuine and heart felt.

Nice insight on the Kanye moment. I did not know that.

As always, the "In Memorium" is despicable. They really should ban the applauses until after the footage or else it's basically a popularity contest.

Out of the best picture nominees, Inglourious Basterds should have won. Yup, another Tarantino film that grows in estimation on repeat views. Amazing how often he does this.

But oscars aside, here are what I consider to be the best films of 2009 with the caveat of me not seeing Micmacs, which will more then likely be amazing;

1. Thirst = 9.8 [ Technical Proficiency (based purely on the craft of filmmaking) = 9.8 ]

2. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra = 8.5 [ T.P. = 6.6 ] Really surprised how much I love this film.

3. Fantastic Mr. Fox = 8.5 [ T.P. = 9 ]
Exhibits what animated films are capable of. A true adult animated feature. Pixar should follow suit and start utilizing the animation medium to it's full capacity and stop framing their movies so traditionally dull. They claim to be mature but always play it safe with their subject matter and they always cop out. Pixar is to "mature" as Burton is to "dark".

4. Inglourious Basterds = 8.3 [ T.P. = 8.4 ]

5. Avatar = 8.0 [ T.P. = 6.7 ]
I totally get the hate for the film but being a hippie at heart, it resonated with me.

Kingsley is usually so rational and measured with his assertions but when it comes to black filmmakers, he loses all semblence of sanity. I will admit that his stance on the issue is admirable but he's just flat out wrong.

- Wreck Roar

Vichus Smith said...

Is that a photoshop of Gaby Citibank? Wow, that's not a good look. Let me be quiet, though, because it seems that if you say anything even slightly negative about her you're being insensitive.

Hmm, Kingslee mentioned this Kelly person quite a few times. I've always thought that Kelly is an odd name for a man.

Anyway, please put the word out to Kingslee that I'm glad he's back and that he's the only black man who seems to be thriving in Obama's America.

Vichus Smith said...

Whoa whoa whoa, Tim! Why shouldn't sci-fi fantasy films win Oscar awards? It shouldn't be about genre. It should be about performance and composition.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's me DownCaste!
Yeah, Kingslee was right about the fact everybody complains about good black movies and then we don't see them. Aaron MacGruder had in his comic strip 'Boondocks' 'You know the problem with black people these days? That every conversation about black people begins with the phrase, 'you know the problem with black people these days?"
I think the movie needed to be supported not cuz it's made with or by brothers and sisters, but because the drama is real and needs to be represented and addressed. The band Faithless said 'Inaction is a weapon of Mass Destruction.'
I didn't watch "Precious" also cuz I wanted cookie cutter "Alice and Wonderland." And like eating a cookie, I do feel guilt after watching it. I hated it, and somebody Tim and I saw it with said they thought it was 9 out of 10. I asked him what he thought a 10 was and he said Godfather. I nearly cried. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are probably crying because I doubt they can even watch there own stuff anymore. "Wonderland" did not even challenge our imaginations, and pretty much was absolute shite for any moments that weren't straight out of the Disney Version.
Tim, did you like "Chinatown?" That has a father abusing his own children. And it had dramatic settings and characters. I don't think anybody makes a movie with the intention of not entertaining, so hopefully I will watch "Precious" soon.
"Avatar" and all these blockbuster films do NOT have anything we haven't seen before. So that is not an excuse to watch those over precious. I also say fuck you to the ArcLight, the location of the last several bad movies ("Legion") that I saw. 13 dollars would of got me into a matinee for "Crazies," sneak into "Shutter Island" and "Green Zone," and a hotdog. Movies I know are gonna be so bad they are good.

vichussmith said...

It's so funny that nobody knew your name was spelled that way.

XantesFire said...

Wait, so your name means "down with 'dot' Indian class society"?

Anonymous said...

I still don't see why you should feel obliglated to see Precious. How do you know the drama is authentic if you haven't seen the movie. And also, you shouldn't feel bad for seeing Alice and disliking it afterwards. For whatever reason at the time Alice appealed more to you than Precious. It's not your fault. If anything the people who cut that horrible trailer for Precious are to blame.

- Wreck Roar

Thoom said...

Vichus says:
"Let me be quiet, though, because it seems that if you say anything even slightly negative about her you're being insensitive."

Yes, because the people who frequent this forum are known champions of PC and the rights of obese women.

"When did this happen ?"

vichussmith said...

People have the right to be obese as long as i have the right to judge them, sometimes harshly.

Thoom said...


You talking about the "brothaz and the sistas" has the same resonance as Pat Boone or John Tesh talking about "the brothers and the sistas".

You're a Contrarian. If Kingslee and I had switched opinions on this topic, you'd side with him.

The fact is, I won't see a film that I am not interested in seeing.

Besides, I can't think of a person I know who saw Precious and was excited about it after the fact, including Kingslee. When I first asked him about it months ago, he seemed to clam up, look depressed and then say "yeah I saw it."

I never saw "chinatown" and didn't want to because of the incest thing, (I read an essay about it' that gave the ending away)Besides that's the twisted "twist" of the movie. No one was supposed to know about the incest going into the movie.

[i]The band Faithless said 'Inaction is a weapon of Mass Destruction.'[/i]

What the fuck does that have to do with me not caring to see Precious?
That's called a diversion, and only works in Bugs Bunny cartoons.
You and Kingslee constructed a world in your heads. And in this world every black person going to see 'Precious' will mean Hollywood will fund 100 films a year by African American filmmakers with AA casts.

To quote a great black director: WAKE UP!

If Precious made $200 million at the box office, then the hollywood moguls would just make watered down copies of Precious, not movies that steer away from stereotypes of black folks.

P.S. Faithless sucks. Dido's brother is in that band. And her music sucks too.

Thoom said...

[i]"Avatar" and all these blockbuster films do NOT have anything we haven't seen before.[/i]

This is an example of you stating your opinion as fact. Which is enough reason to disregard most of your arguments.

(And no I aint saying the story or characters in Avatar are new, yall)

XantesFire said...

I liked School Daze until the ending. It just seemed like the director had to shove what he thought was a relevant social comment into people's faces because he thought his targeted audience was too stupid to understand and he didn't really have a good ending.

There's incest in Chinatown? Now there's another movie I gotta see.

I guess your friend's bought into the theory that black people will do the black people thing all the time. Listen to rap, get AIDS, abandon their baby's momma, unless they hear a celebrity say, "Yaz gotz ta take care o your kidz." which seems to mean buying the child's clothes at "Baby Gangster Is Us." And they are trying to turn supporting black made films into a black thing us lesser black people won't understand.

vichussmith said...

Downcast(eeeeeeee, or however the fuck he spells it) disagreed with you, but he didn't seem to be on Kingslee's side.

He had a mix of both your opinions.

I also think that Downcast(upside-down w) started off strong with an Aaron McGruder quote, and then I agree that he quoted some band that only maybe 1000 people ever gave a fuck about.

I don't mind Dido.

I want a count of how many Tyler Perry movies. If it's not 13, then I don't know if he can talk crap about supporting black film. Tyler Perry is fucking black film right now, even if Spike Lee or we don't like it.

Here's how I support black film: "Oh, the director is black? Cool." If your movie seems interesting, then I'll see it. I'll take a Budd Dwyer lunch before I watch a Tyler Perry movie.

Although I might end up renting "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf" just because they got that stupid title through Hollywood.

XantesFire said...

For years I used to read "colored" as "colo-red". And I remember it's cause an article on South Africa and apartheid that I read in some library/school mini-newspaper. The word was cut off at the end of one line, "Colo" and continued onto the next line, "-red."

Precious is based based on a book called Push? They changed it because the title was taken?

Anonymous said...

Yup a movie starring Tim's main squeeze, Dakota Fanning.

- Wreck Roar