March 14, 2010

Episode 134: Double Bill


XantesFire said...

Welcome to the club, Thoom. Dakota Fanning is only 16. Yes a hot 16.

Billy Crystal was somewhat famous because of the movies he did and comedy specials, game shows and telethons back in the 80's. He's also a director, producer and a writer, so he might be gone to us but he's all over Hollywood.

Dawn of the Dead was great, for it's budget. Don't know why you don't like it, the Black guy survives with the white chick.

Twilight is shit yet it does well. The writer was about 35 when she got her first book out there and she admits her books are based on literature classics.

Actually, during the 70's, credit cards were not in large use. people either pledged, or showed up and donated or wired the money in. So it might be possible to have the money, people walked in to have at the studio.

I don't usually watch commercials, and I skipped the Superbowl commercial hype for about 5 years atleast.


Anonymous said...

Dakota is cute but still too skinny.

It's so refreshing to hear a positive outlook on modern cinema. Usually people bitch about current films and romanticise movies of the past. Sure there are shit movies today but people always forget that there were shit movies back then as well. But compare good films to good films and modern cinema slaughters the past. Films keep getting better and better as time and technology progresses. 8 of my top 10 are from the oughts. And the other 2, Delicatessen and City of Lost Children, were way ahead of the game.

Kevin Smith is one of those "directors" you mature out of. When your a naive teenager you think his movies are a revelation but later realize how stupid and inconsequential they are. Even his public speaking is played out. Lame, obvious, clunky call-backs and self depricating toilet humor can get you only so far. Fuck Kevin Smith. Can you believe he had the audicaty to deride Paul Thomas Anderson, an actual film-maker. What a douche.

I like that your show covers various topics besides comics. As a listener, I get a better grasp of what type of person you are and I get a better understanding of where your opinions are coming from. It really does flesh out the podcast. Also, as much as I want more, don't feel pressure to constantly dish out content. If you're preoccupied with other projects, than it'd be completely understandable if there is a bigger gap between shows. I will always be thankful for your shows even if I don't comment as much as I want to.

- Wreck Roar

Vichus Smith said...

Tim's pronunciations of the day:

genre [zhahn-ruh] not to be confused with "jandra."

parkour (pär-kōōr') not to be confused with parkay, which is a butter spread.

Tim, you were very kid touchery in this episode. First Dakota Fanning,t hen Hit Girl? Trenchcoat should transcribe the start of this podcast and read it. It sounds natural on his tongue.

BTW, far be it from me to judge your fabulous journalistic skills, but Kevin Smith didn't buy two seats on an airplane because he's too fat. Tell me where you heard that?

I didn't see Cop Out, and I'm glad I didn't I'll see it on DVD, and I'll most likely not dig it.