March 25, 2010

THOOM vs. Howard The Duck #1

In the debut episode, THOOM! attempts to take on the fowl with the foul mood's volume 1 series, in chronological order. THOOM! reviews Howard the Duck #1 (January 1976)

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XantesFire said...

Why are you whispering?

Howard's not a superhero. He's a victim of highly unusual circumstances. He's just a regular guy from his world stranded on a world he doesn't like.

That's why he's contemplating suicide. Imagine if you landed in's a world run by pigs, everywhere you went the smelly things would be about their inane antics. And there's no chance of you getting home. Not all people who think about committing suicide go thru with it, sometimes they just need to stare into the abyss to decide to start climbing back out. Or he's just being melodramatic.

Beverly's an artist model, they are used to roleplay. Besides she's probably been told by Pro-Rata to speak that way.

Just cause Howard's an atheist doesn't mean he doesn't respect life and isn't humane to dumb animals. In fact it's religious people who claim they have a god given right to slaughter and kill, animals and people.

The warrior is clearly knocked out, not killed, that's why Howard feels no remorse for his attacker getting hurt.

Peter Parker is at times a hipster. So dressing in a pirate shirt fits in.

Of course J.J.'s gonna send Parker on a weird story. 1-it's cheaper than sending a full-time reporter out on a iffy assignment. 2-If Parker does find the duck then all he has to do is send the pics and relay his story to a reporter who'll write it up. 3-Even if Peter doesn't come back with the duck story, Parker's a weirdness magnet, he come back with something and then J.J.'ll only have to pay half for the "unassigned" story.

Slave girls in bikinis? Really? that's what you jump on Spielberg for?

Is your roommate having sex? I heard a female screeching and wailing in the background.

Trapped in the tower? How do you think the wizard got in, in the first place? He probably has a was to get down and off the island.

Why are you doing these alone? You should really be reviewing these with TCM.

T Mafia said...

Hey, Tim; I was wondering the same thing - why were you whispering?

Also, Xantes is exactly right about xtians being the ones who don't give a shit about human or animal life (well okay, I really don't care about animals myself, but...) After all, it wasn't an atheist that coined the phrase, "Kill 'em all! Let God sort 'em out!"

Why are you doing these alone? You should really be reviewing these with TCM.

I totally agree, Xantes! Until we can make Tim see the light over here on PCX West though, everyone can go listen to the PCX East review of Howard's gripping battle with Bessie the Hellcow (fast-forward to the 39:29 mark:)

and of course, our two-part Steve Gerber memorial-slash-definitive review of "Master of Quack Fu!" from HTD #3:

Anonymous said...

George Lucas stealing ideas from other existing properties is not surprising in the least.

"Really? that's what you jump on Spielberg for?"

You mean Lucas, right? I don't blame you though; he and spielberg are interchangeable.

I'm gonna have to torrent these Howard the Duck comics seeing that you're gonna review the lot of them. Still, even without the first issue, I enjoyed listening to the episode. So bring em on.

- WR