April 25, 2010

Black People Don't Podcast 23: First Generation Furries

"Black don't crack."
"Right. We just smoke it."



Wreck Roar said...

Wild Target starring Emily Blunt is another upcoming movie kinda similar to Knight & Day.

JD watches Grey's Anatomy?

I don't think too highly of Dawn of the Dead either. Took me 3 sittings to finish it.

Yes, someone else who pronounces Green Lantern Corps as how it is and not "Core". Why the fuck do people do that? I started reading during Johns run, so am I missing something?

The part where JD is convinced that you're T Mafia was damn funny. Tim Mafia

More JD on SBK. Alternate streaming link.

Say what you want about James but that dude can hustle. He's a fucking "Juggernaut."

Wreck Roar said...

Holy shit, apparently, Corps is pronounced "core". Damn, that's some fucked up shit right there! Learn something everyday.

XantesFire said...

I never understood the appeal of Cameron Diaz, she always looked to me as her face was just healing from a beating.

The Great Red Spot has existed for around 180-345 years, Nasa only been around since 1958. Part of the reason the GRS have lasted so long is because there are no land masses to slow it down, such as what happens to hurricanes when they reach landfall.

Astronomy picture of the day
Great Red Spot
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The Christian devil-made-the-dinosaur theory has been around for a while. Also that hell is a planet like Pluto or Jupiter. I remember reading an old book long ago that had blood red Mars as hell and cloudy heavenly Venus as heaven. People have been using real and/or theorized celestial objects as hell or heaven for a while.

You do realize that if you do come up with a story based on this guy's "theories" and this guy sues this recording can be used as evidence. Don't know if he could win.